Miami Surf at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park

A Miami is a type of ride consisting of a row of seats that are rotated clockwise and anticlockwise in a vertical circle by two arms.

Miami rides are particularly popular with travelling showmen, as the entire ride packs onto one trailer and can be built up and taken down easily. Artwork is often added to the large flat backdrop.[1]

A smaller variant designed for younger riders, known as a Mini-Miami has also been developed, which has fewer seats and spins in a smaller circle than a typical Miami.


Dutch showman Gerrit Tegelaa devised and built a ride, known as "Topper" in 1982, which following many technical problems was acquired by the Kroon family from the North of the Netherlands. The ride was modified, and forward facing seats were added. Called "Disco Swing", this is the first Miami ride. Isje Kroon built his own in 1988, and subsequently founded KMG.[2]