Wisdom Rides

Wisdom Rides
Status Active
Sterling, Colorado, USA
Founded 1969
Key people Jerry Wisdom (founder)
Website http://wisdomrides.com/

Wisdom Rides is an American company that manufactures many portable amusement rides and small roller coasters. It was founded by Jerry Wisdom in 1969.

It produces the ubiquitous Go Gator, Dragon Wagon, Miner Mike and Orient Express models. It has also produced custom roller coasters such as Pirates Hideaway at Casino Pier and Runaway Train at Fun Center at Paige's Crossing.

Roller coaster products

Name First Built Location First Built Year
Dragon Wagon Dragon Wagon Neverland Ranch, United States 1988 or earlier
Go Gator Go-Gator Maple Leaf Village Amusement Park, Canada 1979 or earlier
Jungle Twist Jungle Twist Luna Park, Austraila 2016
Miner Mike Miner Mike Gulf Shores Amusement Park, United States 1980s
Orient Express Orient Express Fun World, United States 1990s
Sooper Jet Sooper Jet Adventureland, United States 1982
Tiger Terror Tiger Coaster Hydro Adventures, United States 2002

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