Adventureland (USA-New York)

Amusement park in the United States

Farmingdale, New York, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1962

Adventureland is a family amusement park in Farmingdale, New York, USA.


Adventureland was closed for most of the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic.[1]

Roller coasters


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Roller Rattlesnake Coaster Zierer Family 2000 Operating
Roller Turbulence Mack Rides Spinning May 22, 2015 Operating
Roller Fireball Ride Engineers Switzerland 4th Dimension May 18, 2022 Operating


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Roller Dragon Wagon Wisdom Rides Kiddie 1996 2000 Relocated to Blackbeard's Cave
Roller Galaxy SDC Sit-down 1973 September 3, 1990 Exported to Brazil
Roller Hurricane SDC Sit-down 1991 September 13, 2014 Relocated to Race City PCB
Roller Little Dipper Allan Herschell Company Kiddie 1962 Unknown Unknown
Powered Sooper Jet Wisdom Rides Kiddie 1982 1995 Unknown
Roller Toboggan Chance Rides Sit-down 1973 1979 Travelling Brazil


Under construction

Name Manufacturer Type Opening
Wave Twister Ride Engineers Switzerland 2025


Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Alfie Swings Sartori Junior Chair-O-Plane 2013
Alfie's Express SBF Visa Group Junior Railway 2013
Antique Cars Ihle Track Ride 1993
Bumper Cars Bertazzon Dodgems 2016
Caterpillar SBF Visa Group Junior Railway 2001
Ferris Wheel Zamperla Ferris Wheel 1995
Frisbee HUSS Frisbee 2006
Lighthouse Drop Tower Zierer Junior Drop Tower 2019
Helicopters Zamperla Junior Jets 2017
Jr. Pirate Ship Junior Pirate Ship 2024
Little Dipper Water Ride ABC Rides Junior Log Flume 2006
Merry Go Round Bertazzon Carousel 1999
Moon Chaser Unknown Top Spin 2024
Musik Express Mack Rides Superbob/Musik Express 2002
Mystery Mansion Gosetto Suspended Dark Ride 2018
NYC Race SBF Visa Group Junior Track Ride 2014
Pirate Ship HUSS Pirate Ship 1987
Rescue Boats Zierer Jet Ski 2004
Spinning Cars SBF Visa Group Traffic Jam 2011 or earlier
Sports Tower SBF Visa Group Balloon Tower 2021
Surf's Up SBF Visa Group Miami 2013
Tea Cups SBF Visa Group Junior Teacups 2014
Train Chance Rides Miniature Railway 1962
Viking Voyage Zierer Roundabout 2003
Wave Swing Zierer Waveswinger 1974


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Adventure Falls BEAR Log Flume 2001 2023 Scrapped
Antique Cars Allan Herschell Company Track Ride 1962 1977 Scrapped
Antique Cars Arrow Dynamcs Track Ride 1978 1992 Scrapped
Big Wheel Sartori Ferris Wheel 1985 1994 Unknown
Bumper Cars Unknown Dodgems 1983 2015 Scrapped
Enterprise HUSS Enterprise 1976 1983 Travelling USA
Flying Clowns Top Fun Junior Paratrooper 1993 c.2008 Unknown
Ghost House Mack Rides Tracked Dark Ride 2010 2017 Scrapped
Looping Star HUSS Ranger 1982 2003 Unknown
Music Express Mack Rides Superbob/Musik Express 1974 2001 Scrapped
Parachute Drop Venture Rides Junior Paratower 1990 1995 or later Unknown
Scorpion C.A.H. Polyp 1987 1992 Exported to Thailand
Silvers Twister ABC Rides Junior Drop Tower 2004 2012 Scrapped
Skyliner Goforth Industries Ropeway 1965 1981 Scrapped
Surf Dance Mondial Super Nova 1993 2006 Relocated to Star City
Top Scan Mondial Top Scan 2002 2005 Travelling Germany
Troika HUSS Troika 1976 1983 Relocated to Elitch Gardens


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