Mondial Rides

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Mondial Rides
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Status Active
Terband / Heerenveen
Founded 1979

Mondial Rides is an amusement ride manufacturer based in Terband/Heerenveen, the Netherlands.

Mondial mostly manufactures rides that are easy to disassemble and transport like ferris wheels, making them popular with fair operators.

Most of Mondial's rides are variants of already existing rides, usually with an added dimension for the ride to spin in.


Fair rides

Booster variants:

  • Capriolo. A sort of half booster, with a gondola on one end of the arm and a counterweight on the other.
  • Furioso. A smaller version of the Capriolo.
  • Turbine. A booster with an extra dimension for the gondolas to spin in around the axis of the arm.

Twin armed Rangers:

Top spin variants:

  • Roll Over. A variant of the Super Nova that inverts.

Breakdance variants:

  • Shake. A breakdance where the gondolas can make inversions.

Frisbee variants:

  • Jet Force. A frisbee with no floor using a counterweight. The arm can invert and the riders are facing outward.
  • Mistral. A frisbee with no floor. The riders are in a ring facing inward.


  • Diablo
  • Heart Breaker. A variant of a Miami with a split bench that can spin independently of each other.
  • Inferno
  • Swinger. A swing ride with four rotating gondolas instead of seats attached to chains.

Amusement park rides

Mondial also makes a few stationary rides for amusement parks:

  • Revolution. A frisbee.
  • Roll Over. A modified version of the fair ride built for a permanent spot in amusement parks.
  • Splash Over. A double top spin. The name comes from the fountains included with the ride.
  • Turbine. A modified version of the fair ride built for a permanent spot in amusement parks.
  • Ultra Max. A frisbee that can invert.


Ferris wheels

Fixed wheels

The numbers indicate the height.

  • RR35
  • RR45
  • RR55
  • RR80

Travel wheels

The first two numbers indicate the height, the last two the amount of gondolas.

  • MCS 3326
  • MCS 4536
  • MCS 5542
  • MCS 7048