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The frisbee is a pendulum-based flat ride. It consists of a ring of seats attached to one end of an arm, which is attached to a pivot at the other end. The ring of seats spin as the arm swings. Frisbee rides exist with both inward and outward facing seats, and some are capable of fully inverting riders. They are available in a large number of sizes, from portable models to permanent park installations.

Tallest frisbee rides[edit | edit source]

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth will match the height of CraZanity at 172 feet when it opens at Six Flags Great Adventure in 2019.

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Name Park Country Manufacturer Height Record holder
Structure Swing
1 CraZanity Six Flags Magic Mountain
Zamperla Unknown 52.4 metres July 2018 - present
2 maxAir Cedar Point
HUSS Park Attractions Unknown 42.7 metres May 2005 - July 2018
3 Delirium Kings Island
HUSS Park Attractions Unknown 41.8 metres April 2003 - May 2005

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