Zamperla logo.png
Status Active
Altavilla Vicentina, Vicenza, Italy
Founded 1960

Zamperla is a roller coaster manufacturer located in Vicenza, Italy. The company creates roller coasters, thrill rides, and coin operated rides, often found in shopping malls. Compared to other roller coaster manufacturers, Zamperla focuses more on family friendly coasters, however they also make compact flying roller coasters.


Name First Built Location First Built Year Number Built
Air Force Air Pogo Adventure Island, India 2006 5
Family Gravity Coaster Howler Holiday World, United States 1999 45
Galaxy Monte Aurora Terra Encantada, Brazil 1999 2
Gravity Motocoaster Dinosaur Mountain China Dinosaurs Park, China 2010 3
Junior Coaster Octonauts Rollercoaster Adventure Alton Towers, United Kingdom 2015 2
Junior Twister Coaster Speed Mouse Amazing World, China 2011 7
Moto Coaster Moto Coaster Six Flags Darien Lake, United States 2008 8
Powered Coaster Unknown Unknown 1984? 180
Speedy Coaster Circus Coaster Luna Park, United States 2010 9
Super Twister Coaster Tom and Jerry Swiss Cheese Spin Warner Bros. World Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 2018 1
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Luna Park, United States 2014 5
Volare Flying Coaster Elitch Gardens, United States 2002 10
Wild Mouse Doo Wopper Morey's Piers, United States 1998 60
Windstorm Windstorm Old Town, United States 1997 1

The Powered Coaster has been in production since at least 1984. However, the Roller Coaster Database mentions that Dragon Coaster Ride at Magic World Kid's Park, United States and Tornado at Jenkinson's Boardwalk, United States could have been built before then. The earliest confirmed Powered Coaster is Dragon at Kings Castle Land, United States.


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