Family Gravity Coaster 80STD

Family Gravity Coaster 80STD is a kiddie roller coaster product from Zamperla. The first installation was in 1999 and there have been over thirty installations since.


The ride has a single helix. There have been multiple slight variations of the layout produced.


Name Park Location Opened Status
Achterbahn Nordsee Spielstadt Wangerland
Lower Saxony, Germany
2006 or earlier Operating
Baby Roller Coaster Floraland Continent Park
Sichuan, China
April 26, 2013 Closed 2014
Berg- og dalbane Lilleputthammer
Oppland, Norway
2007 Operating
Cocoa Cruiser Hersheypark
Pennsylvania, USA
May 10, 2014 Operating
Dragon Express Adventure World
Western Australia, Australia
September 27, 2003 Operating
Dragon's Apprentice Legoland Dubai
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
October 31, 2016 Operating
Dragon's Apprentice Legoland Japan
Aichi, Japan
April 1, 2017 Operating
Drakenbaan Speelpark Oud Valkeveen
North Holland, Netherlands
April 27, 2019 Operating
Familie Achtbaan Familiepretpark Mini Mundi
Zealand, Netherlands
May 13, 2009 Operating
Familienachterbahn Rügen Park
Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
October 13, 2010 Operating
Family Coaster Escape Theme Park
Pasir Ris, Singapore
2000 or later Closed November 26, 2011
Family Coaster Expoland
Osaka, Japan
2003 Closed December 9, 2007
Family Coaster Mother Farm
Chiba, Japan
2003 Operating
Family Coaster Sea Train Land
Aichi, Japan
September 19, 2009 Operating
Family Coaster Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park
Shanghai, China
2018 Operating
Family Flyer Playland Park
New York, USA
2001 Operating
Family Gravity Coaster Chimelong Paradise
Guangdong, China
February 2006 Closed 2011
Family Train Hawally Park
Kuwait City, Kuwait
2004 Operating
Frankie's Mine Train Frontier City
Oklahoma, USA
May 25, 2019 Operating
Frankie's Mine Train Great Escape
New York, USA
May 2005 Operating
Grand Exposition Coaster Silver Dollar City
Missouri, USA
April 2006 Operating
Great Chase Six Flags America
Maryland, USA
May 8, 1999 Operating
Howler Holiday World
Indiana, USA
May 8, 1999 Operating
Humpty Dumpty's Great Fall Storybook Land
South Dakota, USA
July 25, 2015 Operating
Leocoaster Leolandia
Lombardy, Italy
2007 Operating
Mina Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza
Zaragoza, Spain
2002 or earlier Operating
Mine Train PowerLand
Southern Ostrobothnia, Finland
June 9, 2007 Operating
Mini Montaña VulQano Park
Pichincha, Ecuador
February 7, 2005 Operating
Pindsvinet Fårup Sommerland
Jylland, Denmark
April 30, 2012 Operating
Rakevet Harim Leyladim Superland
Tel Aviv, Israel
May 2009 Operating
Roadrunner Express Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
California, USA
1999 Operating
Road Runner Railway Six Flags Great Adventure
New Jersey, USA
1999 Operating
Roller Coaster Boomers Family Fun Center
New York, USA
June 11, 1999 Operating
Runaway Mine Train
Formerly Mini Mine Rush
Formerly Runaway Train
Flamingo Land
American Adventure Theme Park
Gulliver's Warrington
England, UK
England, UK

England, UK
April 8, 2006
Closed 2006
Closed 2005
Runaway Train Gulliver's Milton Keynes
England, UK
2002-2003 Operating
Southern Express Park at OWA
Alabama, USA
June 21, 2017 Operating
Speedy Gonzales Hot Rod Racers Six Flags Magic Mountain
California, USA
June 25, 2014 Operating
SpongeBob's Boating School Blast Sea World
Queensland, Australia
September 25, 2015 Operating
Teletren Parque Diversiones
San José, Costa Rica
December 2002 Operating
Vagones Locos Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
Madrid, Spain
June 2, 2007 Operating
Whistle Punk Chaser Dollywood
Tennessee, USA
May 21, 2017 Operating
Woodstock's Express Dorney Park
Pennsylvania, USA
2000 Operating
unknown Druzhby Park
Rostov, Russia
2005 Operating
unknown Fuhua Amusement Park
Shandong, China
2013 - 2014 Removed September 2, 2018

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