Flamingo Land

Amusement park in the United Kingdom
Flamingo Land
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Malton, North Yorkshire, England, UK
Status Operating
Opened 1959
Owner Gordon Gibb
Previous names The Yorkshire Zoological Gardens

Flamingo Park Zoo

Area 375 acres (152 ha)
Slogan Wild Animals, Wilder Rides!
Website http://flamingoland.co.uk/

Flamingo Land is a theme park and zoo in Malton, North Yorkshire, England, UK. It has the second largest number of coasters of any park in the United Kingdom, second to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.


The park was originally opened in 1959 as a zoo. A carnival began coming to the park. This funfair gradually developed into a permanent carnival alongside the zoo. The park started adding roller coasters and the caravan park was added and the park came to where it is now.

Roller coasters


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Roller Dino Roller Diego Cavazza Kiddie 1988 Operating
Powered Go Gator A.R.M. Kiddie Unknown Operating
Roller Hero Zamperla Flying 2013 Operating
Roller Kumali Vekoma Inverted 2006 Operating
Roller Mumbo Jumbo S&S Worldwide Sit-Down 2009 Operating
Roller Runaway Mine Train Zamperla Kiddie 2007 Operating
Roller Sik Intamin Sit-Down 2022 Operating
Roller Twistosaurus Zamperla Spinning
2013 Operating
Roller Velocity Vekoma Launched
2005 Operating
Roller Zooom! Zamperla Suspended
2011 Operating


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Roller Bullet Schwarzkopf Launched
1991 2005 Selva Mágica
Roller Corkscrew Vekoma Sit-Down 1990 2011 Lunapark
Roller Crazy Loop Pinfari Sit-Down 1986 1995 Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Powered Dragon Zamperla Kiddie 1985 1987 Unknown
Roller Flying Trapeze Zierer Sit-Down 1998 2001 Grove Land
Roller Magnum Force Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 2000 2005 La Feria Chapultepec Magico
Roller Thunder Mountain Pinfari Enclosed 1991 2004 Unknown
Roller Wild Mouse Maurer AG Wild Mouse 1998 2012 Pleasurewood Hills



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Balloon Race Zamperla Balloon Race 1990
Cliff Hanger S&S Worldwide Drop Tower March 2002
Cyclosaur Zamperla Magic Bikes 2013
Flamingo 1 Preston & Barbieri Track Ride 2017
Flip Flop Fabbri Frisbee 2008
Flying Clowns Cavazza Diego Junior Paratrooper Unknown
Frog Hopper S&S Worldwide Junior Drop Tower 2002
Gallopers Savage Carousel 1986
Jungle Carousel Park Rides Lamborghini Junior Carousel 2008
Helitoys Park Rides Lamborghini Balloon Tower 2008
Little Monsters' Wacky Races Big Country Motioneering Track Ride 1985
Lost River Ride BEAR Log Flume 2004
Mischief Mansion W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Tracked Dark Ride 2001
Muddy Duck Tractor Ride Metallbau Emmeln Track Ride 2006
Navigator Zamperla Disk-O 2005
People Mover Amusement Technical Monorail 2018
Pink Elephants A.R.M. Roundabout Unknown
Pterodactyl Zamperla Star Flyer 2012
Rotataur Zamperla Ferris Wheel 2005
Splash Battle Preston & Barbieri Splash Battle 2007
Swoosh Air Zamperla Junior Jets 2004
Tea Cups S&W Amusement Sales Junior Teacups Unknown
Voodoo HUSS Pirate Ship 2003
Vortex Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2005
Zoo Monorail Big Country Motioneering Monorail 1984


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Blue Carousel Unknown Roundabout 1995 2007 Scrapped
Cablecars British Ropeway Engineering Ropeway 1988 2021 Scrapped
Circulator Fabbri Evolution 1995 2007 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Century 2000 J. Bakker Denies Ramba Zamba/Swing Around 1985 1994 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Clown Slide Modern Products Giant Slide 1990 2010 Scrapped
Crazy Water Creek Self-built Scenic Boat Ride 1972 1990s Scrapped
Cycle Monorail Vekoma Cycle Monorail Unknown 2018 Scrapped
Dream Boat Weber Ranger 1992 1992 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Enterprise HUSS Enterprise 1987 1994 Exported
Flamingo Star HUSS Tri-Star 1995 2004 Relocated to Pleasurewood Hills
Flying Carpet Weber 1001 Nights 1991 1992 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Flying Chairs Unknown Chair-O-Plane 1987 1993 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Galleon Zamperla Pirate Ship 1985 2000 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Gallopers Thomas Walker Gallopers 1971 c.1984 Relocated to Bayside Fun Park
Gravitron Vekoma Rotor 1992 1992 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Gravitron Vekoma Rotor 1994 1994 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Haunted Castle Railway Supercar Tracked Dark Ride 1970 1994 or later Stored - Scrapped
Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1983 2003 Sold - not used
Klondike Kreek Reverchon Log Flume 1985 2003 Scrapped
Octopus Robles Bouso Atracciones Polyp 1987 1994 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Paratower Vekoma Paratower 1998 1998 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
People Moover Severn Lamb Monorail 1990 2017 Scrapped
Professor Bubbles' Seaside Adventure Modern Products Track Ride 1990 2016 Scrapped
Razzle Dazzle A.R.M. Trabant/Satellite 1986 1993 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Rock Slide Bennett Giant Slide 1970s 2013 Scrapped
Round-Up Hrubetz Round-Up 1984 1989 Travelling UK
Sky Flyer Vekoma Kamikaze 1993 2014 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Spotted Cow Ride Modern Products Junior Paratrooper Unknown 2016 Relocated to Funland Hayling Island
Swan Ride K.T. Enterprises Roundabout 1990s 2020 Unknown
Tidal Wave Vekoma Waikiki Wave 1993 2008 Scrapped
Top Gun Intamin Flight Trainer 1996 2004 Scrapped
UFO HUSS Round-Up 1995 2004 Travelling UK
Wagon Wheel Zamperla Ferris Wheel 1990 1998 Relocated to Pleasure Island Family Theme Park
Waltzer A.R.M. Waltzer 1991 2006 Relocated to Brean Theme Park
Waveswinger Empire Amusements Waaveswinger 1994 2013 Relocated to Dreamland Margate
Zig Zag PWS Rides Twist 1994 2006 Travelling UK

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