Bayside Fun Park

Bayside Fun Park
Bayside Fun Park 2017 01.jpg
Bayside Fun Park in 2017
amusement park
Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England
Status Operating
Operator Paul Gale
Previous names Corrigan's Amusement Park

Bayside Fun Park is a small coastal amusement park located in Bridlington, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, UK. The park sits adjacent to Carousel Park. As well as the staple attractions at the park there are regularly guest rides which spend brief periods there.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Present[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Crazy Caterpillar SBF Visa Group Family 2012 Operating

Past[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Grand Canyon CAM Baby Kart Powered 2008 2011 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Mad Mouse Fabbri Spinning 2012 2012 Travelling UK
Runaway Train Jamie Whiting Kiddie 2007 2008 Travelling UK

Attractions[edit | edit source]

Operating[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Big Wheel Technical Park Ferris Wheel 2017
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 2010
Roulette A.R.M. Trabant/Satellite 2015
Telecombat Soriani & Moser Jets 2014
Twister Protech Twist 2013
Volere Volare AK Rides Star Flyer 2018
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 2013

Closed[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Alien J. Bakker Denies Polyp 1988 1991 Travelling UK
Astroglide Bennett Astroglide 1970s 1990s Scrapped
Bad Boys II Kolmax-Plus Miami 2006 2007 Travelling UK
Bridlington Eye Mondial Ferris Wheel 2007 2008 Travelling UK
Chair-O-Plane Unknown Chair-O-Plane 1995 1995 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Dodgems Reverchon Dodgems Unknown 1989 Unknown
Dodgems Reverchon Dodgems 1990 2004 Unknown
Dodgems Reverchon Dodgems 2005 2009 Travelling UK
Easy Rider H.P. Jackson Ark/Speedway 1983 1995 Relocated to Metroland
Extreme Nottingham UK Miami 2001 2004 Travelling UK
Galleon Zamperla Pirate Ship 2004 2008 Relocated to Codona's Amusement Park
Gallopers Thomas Walker Gallopers 1985 or before 1985 or later Travelling UK
Gallopers John H. Rundle Gallopers 2010 2010 Travelling UK
Ghost Train Supercar Tracked Dark Ride 1983 1983 Relocated to Rainbow Park (Hunstanton)
Jungle River Reverchon Log Flume 2003 2011 Southport Pleasureland
Octopus Unknown Polyp 1987 1987 Unknown
Rock City K.T. Enterprises Miami 2000 2000 Travelling UK
Rock-O-Plane Eyerley Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 2005 2006 Travelling UK
Roller Ball Skid Hayes Fabrication Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur 1991 1994 Travelling Ireland
Skyflyer Vekoma Voyager 2006 2006 Relocated to Vidámpark
Super Star Northern Amusements Superstar 2004 2004 Travelling UK
Super Trooper Hrubetz Upright Paratrooper Unknown 1988 Relocated to Marvels Amusement Park
Superbob Sobema Superbob/Musik Express 1991 1991 Travelling UK
Thriller Sobema Matterhorn 1989 1989 Travelling UK
Twist Pollard Engineering Twist 1994 1995 Travelling UK
Twister Sonacase Twist 2000 2003 Travelling UK
Twister K.T. Enterprises Twist 2004 2012 Relocated to Primrose Valley Holiday Park
Waltzer R.J. Lakin Waltzer 1979 1979 Relocated to Chipperfield's Amusement Park
Waltzer R.J. Lakin Waltzer 1995 2007 Travelling UK
Waltzer Orton & Spooner Waltzer 2008 2012 Relocated to Primrose Valley Holiday Park

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