Rainbow Park (Hunstanton)

Amusement park in the United Kingdom

Rainbow Park
Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, UK
Status Operating
Owner Roper family
Website https://www.rainbow-park.co.uk/

Rainbow Park is a coastal amusement park located in Hunstanton, Norfolk, England, UK.

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Sea Dragon Big Country Motioneering Kiddie 1996 Operating


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Roller Coaster Supercar Kiddie 1990 or earlier 1999 Relocated to Dudley Zoological Gardens


Under construction

Name Manufacturer Type Opening
Star Flyer AK Rides Star Flyer 2024


Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Captain Hook SBF Visa Group Junior Flying Carpet 2019
Crazy Fun House George-Rowland Tucker Funhouse 2021
Demons Revenge Jimmy Rawlings Tracked Dark Ride 2020
Dodgems Mack Rides Dodgems 1980s
Gallopers Savage Gallopers c.1955
Hard Rock Norson Power Orbiter/Extreme 2019
Helter Skelter Slide Supercar Helter Skelter 2021
Jumping Safeco Jump & Smile 2004
Musik Express Sobema Matterhorn 2011
Slippery Dip Bennett Giant Slide 1970s
Super Paratrooper Hrubetz Lifting Paratrooper 1977
Twister PWS Rides Twist 2016
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 2016


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Asteroid John & Billy Smith Round-Up 1990 1990s Travelling UK
Big Wheel Garbrick Ferris Wheel 1994 1995 Travelling UK
Cage Hrubetz Round-Up 2009 2018 Sold to Collector
Chair-O-Plane Fritz Bothmann Chair-O-Plane 1966 1970 Travelling UK
Coaster Lang Wheels Flying Coaster 2000 2010 Travelling UK
Crazy Circus Harris Funhouse 2008 or earlier 2020 Unknown
Ferris Wheel Vosper Thornycroft Ferris Wheel 2021 2022 Travelling UK
G-Force Eyerly Aircraft Company Loop-O-Plane 1993 2018 Stored
Galaxy Bennett Trabant/Satellite 1991 1996 Relocated to Spanish City Amusement Park
Ghost Train Orton & Spooner Tracked Dark Ride 1951 1953 Travelling UK
Ghost Train Unknown Tracked Dark Ride 1954 1983 Scrapped - parts used in Nightmare
Helter Skelter Supercar Helter Skelter 1947 2003 Travelling UK
Helter Skelter Supercar Helter Skelter c.2004 2020 Travelling UK
Hot Wheels Lang Wheels Superbob 1990 1995 Travelling UK
Lightning Skid Hayes Fabrication Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur 1999 1999 To John H. Rundle
Lightning Swish R.J. Lakin Swirl/Skid/Ben Hur 1969 1971 Travelling UK
Miami K.T. Enterprises Miami 2001 2017 Travelling UK
Music Express Modern Products Superbob 1998 2001 Stored, later scrapped
Nightmare Supercar Tracked Dark Ride 1984 2019 Scrapped
Pirate Zamperla Pirate Ship 1996 1998 Relocated to Brean Leisure Park
Revolution R.J. Lakin Ark/Speedway 1990 1990 Relocated to Kiddieland Portrush
Rock-O-Plane Eyerly Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1986 1986 Travelling Ireland
Roulette A.R.M. Trabant/Satellite 2006 2011 Relocated to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Round-Up Hrubetz Round-Up 1982 1983 Relocated to Flamingo Land
Satellite A.R.M. Trabant/Satellite 1979 1981 Travelling UK
Sizzler Bennett Twist 1990 2006 Relocated to Dunes Leisure Family Fun Fair
Sizzler PWS Rides Twist 2007 2015 Relocated to Rhyl Children's Village
Super Speedway Unknown Ark/Speedway 1963 1966 Travelling UK
Thunderbolt Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 2002 2015 Relocated to Barry Island Pleasure Park
Twister Eli-Bridge Twist 1974 1989 Travelling UK
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 1979 2001 Travelling Netherlands

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