Mack Rides

Mack Rides
Mack Rides logo.png
Status Active
Waldkrich, Germany
Founded 1780
Coasters built 108 aprox.

Mack Rides is a roller coaster manufacturer located in Waldkirch, Germany. The company was founded in 1780, but did not develop roller coasters until 1920.[1]

Coaster products

Model First Built Location First Built Year
BigDipper Lost Gravity Walibi Holland, The Netherlands 2018
Bobsled Schweizer Bobbahn Europa Park, Germany 1985
E-Motion Coaster Tulireki Linnanmäki, Finland 2004
Hypercoaster Flash Lewa Adventure, China 2016
Inverted Powered Coaster Arthur Europa Park, Germany 2014
Launch Coaster Blue Fire Megacoaster Europa Park, Germany 2009
Mega Coaster Storm Etnaland, Italy 2013
Powered Coaster Apache Whirlwind Frontier Village Amusement Park, United States 1976
PowerSplash Pulsar Walibi Belgium, Belgium 2016
Spinning Coaster Euro Mir Europa Park, Germany 1997
SuperSplash SuperSplash TusenFryd, Norway 2003
Water Coaster Journey to Atlantis SeaWorld Orlando, United States 1998
Wilde Maus Wild Maus Busch Gardens Williamsburg, United States 1996
Xtreme Spinning Coaster Time Traveler Silver Dollar City, United States 2018
Youngstar Coaster Pegasus Europa Park, Germany 2006

Europa Park

The entrance to Europa Park in 2008

Mack Rides is owned by the Mack Family who also own Europa Park, Germany as a showcase for Mack products. 11 out of the 13 roller coasters at the park were built by Mack Rides, five of which are the first of their model.[2]

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