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Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld Orlando)

Journey to Atlantis (SeaWorld Orlando)

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roller coaster
Journey to Atlantis
SeaWorld Orlando
Location Orlando, Florida, USA
Status Operating since 1998
Manufacturer Mack Rides
Type Steel - Water
Model / product Water Coaster
Height90 feet
Drop60 feet
Top speed40 mph

Journey to Atlantis is a water roller coaster located at SeaWorld Orlando in Orlando, Florida, USA. The ride combines roller coaster elements, such as chain lifts and steep drops, with boat-based attraction elements, such as splash-down landings. It also contains elements of a dark ride, such as slow-moving sections and lots of animatronics and theming. It opened in 1998 as the first Mack Water Coaster.


In January 2017, the ride closed for a refurbishment that saw elements of the ride changed to be more family-friendly. It reopened in March 2017.