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When adding information to an article, it is a good idea to cite your sources. Adding a citation is quick and easy and helps other editors check and improve your writing. However, it is not always necessary if you can demonstrate to other editors that you have carried out significant research in the subject matter. This policy differs to that of Wikipedia, which prohibits the citation of your own research.

The following section will cover adding a citation. However, users may leave a message on the discussion page for an article if they're unsure about adding citations.

Adding a citation


In both the visual editor and the source editor, citation tools are contained within the Cite dropdown on the editing toolbar. In the source editor, the buttons for inserting a citation are under the Templates dropdown, whereas in the visual editor they appear straight away. Choose a medium (most of the time Website (Visual editor) or cite web (source editor)) and a popup window will appear.


Adding citations from a mobile device can be fiddly, but the same citation tools are available within the visual editor. The source editor does not have citation tools. To switch editors, tap the pencil icon at the top of the screen. The cite menu can be accessed by tapping the Cite icon in the editing toolbar.


Do not worry about filling every box. The only required fields are the URL and title, however the more parameters are filled in, the better the published article will look. A barebones citation is better than no citation at all.

Parameters for a web citation
Parameter Description Required
Title Title of the article. Yes
URL Full address of the webpage. Yes
Publisher The name of the website, or whomever published the article. No
Website name The name of the website, if it is different to the publisher. No
Source date The date the article was written. No
Access date The date the webpage was accessed, usually the current date. No
Author surname No
Author first name No


  • Do not cite Wikipedia, or another wiki. If the article is adequately referenced, find the sources under the "References" menu and cite them instead.
  • Generally it's best to avoid citing the RCDB and instead use Template:RCDB.
  • When citing a video, include a timestamp in the Title of your citation so other editors can quickly find the useful information.