Walibi Belgium

Walibi Belgium
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amusement park
Wavre, Walloon Brabant, Wallonia, Belgium
Status Operating
Opened July 26, 1975
Owner Compagnie des Alpes
Previous names Six Flags Belgium (2001 to 2004)

Walibi Wavre (1982 to 2000) Walibi (1975 to 1981)

Website http://www.walibi.com/belgium/be-en
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Walibi Belgium is an amusement park in Wavre, Walloon Brabant, Wallonia, Belgium. Between 2018 and 2023, the park will undergo a large regeneration with 70% of the park being changed. This overhaul will include 3 new roller coasters including a large hyp The overhaul will also see the Coccinelle kiddie coaster relocated to the site of the park's ferris wheel.

Roller coasters[edit | edit source]

Under construction (2)[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opening Status
unknown Intamin Sit-Down 2021 Under construction
unknown Zierer Sit-Down 2020 Under construction

Present (9)[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Calamity Mine Vekoma Mine Train 1992 Operating
Cobra Vekoma Shuttle April 28, 2001 Operating
Fun Pilot Zierer Family 2019 Operating
Loup-Garou Vekoma Wooden April 28, 2001 Operating
Psyké Underground Schwarzkopf Shuttle 1982 Operating
Pulsar Mack Rides Water


June 4, 2016 Operating
Tiki-Waka Gerstlauer Sit-Down April 7, 2018 Operating
Vampire Vekoma Inverted 1999 Operating

Past[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Grand 8 Pinfari Sit-Down 1975 1983 - 1987 Walibi Rhône-Alpes
Jumbo Jet Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1975 1991 Amigoland
Tornado Vekoma Sit-Down 1979 2002 -
Vertigo Doppelmayr Suspended June 14, 2007 May 19, 2008 -

Attractions[edit | edit source]

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Operating[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Buzzsaw HUSS Top Spin 2001
Dalton Terror Intamin Drop Tower 1998

Closed[edit | edit source]

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Bounty Intamin Looping Starship 1993 2002 Scrapped
Inferno HUSS Enterprise 1975 2010 Scrapped

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