Chance Rides

Chance Rides
Status In business
Founded 1961

Chance Rides is a roller coaster manufacturer.

History[edit | edit source]

Chance Rides was incorporated in 1961 as Chance Manufacturing Co. by Harold Chance. The company built replicas of the C. P. Huntington steam train - a product it still sells today - and trailer mounted flat rides. In 1970, Chance Manufacturing bought the Allan Herschell Company and began building carousels. Around this time, the Toboggan roller coaster model was launched. In 1977, Chance acquired a minibus company which has allowed the company to produce motor vehicles. In 1985, a holding company was created by the son of Harold Chance, Dick Chance, and the Chance business was split into three subsidiaries, "Chance Rides", "Chance Coach" and "Chance Operations". The coach line was sold off in 1998, however the company continues to manufacture people movers.

Michael Chance, son of Dick Chance, bought roller coaster manufacturer D.H. Morgan Manufacturing in 2001 and formed Chance Morgan, Inc.

To mark 50 years since the incorporation of Chance Manufacturing, the company re-branded itself as Chance Rides.

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