Six Flags New England

Amusement park in the United States
Six Flags New England
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Agawam, Massachusetts, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1870
Owner Six Flags
Previous names Riverside Park
Area 235 acres (95.1 hectares)

Six Flags New England, formerly called Riverside Amusement Park, is a Six Flags theme park located in Agawam, Massachusetts, USA. It is the oldest of the Six Flags parks, though it did not originally open as a Six Flags park.


In 1870, the park first opened as Riverside Amusement Park.

On May 5, 2000, the park reopened under the Six Flags brand.[1]

Roller coasters

Present (11)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Batman - The Dark Knight Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless April 20, 2002 Operating
Catwoman's Whip Zierer Sit-Down May 5, 2000 Operating
Flashback Vekoma Shuttle May 5, 2000 Operating
Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum Maurer AG Wild Mouse April 16, 2011 Operating
Great Chase E&F Miler Industries Kiddie 1996 Operating
Joker S&S Worldwide 4th Dimension May 27, 2017 Operating
Pandemonium Gerstlauer Spinning April 16, 2005 Operating
Riddler Revenge Vekoma Inverted May 24, 1997 Operating
Superman The Ride Intamin Hyper May 5, 2000 Operating
Thunderbolt Joseph E. Drambour Wooden 1941 Operating
Wicked Cyclone Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid May 24, 2015 Operating

Past (11)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Black Widow Arrow Dynamics Shuttle 1977 1999 Relocated to Old Indiana Fun-n-Water Park
Cyclone William Cobb Wooden 1983 2014 Scrapped
Dark Knight Mack Rides Enclosed Never operated Relocated to Six Flags Mexico
Giant Dip Unknown Wooden 1912 Unknown Scrapped
Goliath Vekoma Inverted May 25, 2012 2019 Scrapped
Greyhound Josiah Pearce Wooden 1915 1933 Scrapped
Lightning John A. Miller Wooden 1920 1933 Scrapped
Little Rickie's Little Twister Allan Herschell Company Kiddie 1978 or earlier 1999 Relocated to Old Indiana Fun-n-Water Park
Whirlwind Racer Traver Engineering Wooden 1928 1933 Scrapped
Wild Mouse B. A. Schiff & Associates Wild Mouse 1957 Unknown Unknown
WildCat Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1968 1983 Relocated to Rocky Point Park



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
1909 Illions Grand Carousel M.C. Illions & Sons Carousell Works Carousel 1940
Animation Department Zamperla Junior Chair-O-Plane 1998
Balloon Race Zamperla Balloon Race 1989
Blizzard River Hopkins River Rapids 1999
Cyborg Hyper Drive Zamperla Freestyle 2019
Daffy Duck Hollywood Tours Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 1998
Gotham City Crime Wave Zierer Waveswinger 1978
Harley Quinn Spinsanity Zamperla Frisbee 2018
Houdini - The Great Escape Vekoma Madhouse 1999
Kontiki Chance Rides Matterhorn 1999
Krazy Kars Zamperla Track Ride 2007
Krazy Kups Zamperla Junior Teacups 2001
New England Express Metallbau Emmeln Miniature Railway 2007
New England SkyScreamer Funtime Star Flyer 2014
Nightwing Funtime Slingshot 2009
Rock n' Rodeo SBF Visa Group Hustler 2016
Scrambler Eli Bridge Company Scrambler 1973
Scream S&S Worldwide Drop Tower 1998
Ships Ahoy! Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2007
Stampede Bumper Cars Dodgems Zamperla 1997
Supergirl: Sky Flyer Zamperla Endeavour 2021
Taz Prop Delivery Company Zamperla Track Ride 1998
Tea Cups Zamperla Teacups 1999
Tomahawk HUSS Frisbee 1999
Tweety's Clubhouse Zamperla Junior Drop Tower 1999
Wacky Wagons SBF Visa Group Junior Ferris Wheel 2001
Whirlybirdz SBF Visa Group Balloon Tower 2001
Wild Wheelz Arrow Dynamics Track Ride 1962
Wile E. Coyote Speed Trap Zamperla Junior Whip 1998
Zinger Swings SBF Visa Group Junior Waveswinger 2001
Zoom Jets Zamperla Jets 2007


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Buzzsaw Zierer Flying Carpet 1983 2017 Scrapped
Carousel Philadelphia Toboggan Company Carousel 1917 1938 Relocated to Roger Williams Park
Catapult S&S Worldwide Sky Swat 2006 2012 Scrapped
Chaos Chance Rides Chaos 1997 2005 Scrapped
Colossus Vekoma Ferris Wheel 1987 2005 Scrapped
Double Trouble Chance Rides Inverter 1999 2007 Scrapped
Fireball Larson International Super Loop 2016 2021 Damaged in a storm, beyond repair, and scrapped.
Joker's Wildcard Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 2000 2004 Stored
Kryptonite Kollider Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 2009 2019 Unknown
Marvin the Martian Earthbound Journey Zamperla Junior Jets 2000 2011 Relocated to Six Flags Over Texas
Monorail Universal Design Monorail 1959 1996 Scrapped
Musik Express Mack Rides Superbob/Musik Express Unknown 1996 Unknown
New England Sky Way Von Roll Ropeway 1973 2014 Scrapped
Nightwing HUSS Fly Away 2000 2008 Scrapped
Poland Springs Plunge Reverchon Log Flume 1979 2005 Scrapped
Rodeo HUSS Breakdance 1998 2007 Relocated to Loudoun Castle
Rotor Chance Rides Rotor 1973 1999 Unknown
Shipwreck Falls Intamin Shoot The Chute 1997 2011 Scrapped
Spider Eyerly Aircraft Company Octopus 1968 2006 Scrapped
Splashwater Falls WhiteWater West Spinning Raft 2006 2016 Scrapped
Swiss Bob Schwarzkopf Bayern Kurve 1973 or earlier 1997 Unknown
Taz's Daredevil Dive Sky Fun 1 Inc. Skycoaster 1995 2013 Scrapped
Time Warp Vekoma Ranger 1997 2008 Scrapped
Tri-Star HUSS Tri-Star 1987 or earlier 1997 Unknown
Twister HUSS Top Spin 1997 2013 Scrapped
Wild River Falls New Wave Rides Dinghy Waterslides 1989 1996 Scrapped


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