Kings Dominion's Eli Bridge Scrambler

Scrambler rides are one of the most common types of ride and can be found both at amusement parks and as part of travelling fairgrounds/carnivals throughout North America, the UK, Australia and Scandinavia. It consists of equally spaced arms (usually three) spanning out from a central spinning structure. Suspended from each of the arms is a group of (usually four) carriages seating up to three riders. Each of these groups of seats also spin, creating two axes of rotating motion, and giving the impression of ‘near miss collisions’ with the fencing/structure surrounding the ride.


The ride has been produced in large quantities continuously since the mid-1950s. Eli Bridge Company are credited with this roll-out and the popularisation of the Scrambler, however the ride was originally invented by Richard Harris of Georgia (USA) in the late 1930s.

A K.T. Enterprises Twister at Fantasy Island in the UK

Eli Bridge continue to manufacture the Scrambler, although in much smaller numbers than the decades previously. UK manufacturer PWS Rides has for many years been one of the largest producers of the ride type, which they call Sizzler (a name and design based on the US Wisdom Rides version). Many companies have created their own versions over the years, however the Eli Bridge version still remains the most populous.

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