Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Amusement park in the United States

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Vallejo, California, USA
Status Operating
Opened 1968
Owner Six Flags
Area 140 acres (97 ha)
Aerial view of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in 2012

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, formerly Six Flags Marine World, Marine World, The New Marine World Theme Park, and Marine World Africa USA, is an theme park and zoo located in Vallejo, California, USA. Marine World originally opened in 1968 in Redwood, California, USA, but after the 1985 season, the Redwood location closed and the park was moved to its current location in 1986. In 1996, Premier Parks purchased the park and started adding amusement rides. Prior to this, there were no amusement rides at Marine World.

Roller coasters

Present (10)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Batman The Ride S&S Worldwide 4th Dimension May 25, 2019 Operating
Boomerang Coast to Coaster Vekoma Shuttle March 27, 1998 Operating
Cobra Zierer Sit-Down 2000 Operating
Flash: Vertical Velocity Intamin Inverted
June 8, 2001 Operating
The Joker Rocky Mountain Construction Hybrid May 30, 2016 Operating
Kong Vekoma Inverted May 1998 Operating
Medusa Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless March 18, 2000 Operating
Roadrunner Express Zamperla Kiddie 1999 Operating
Sidewinder Safari Zamperla Spinning
Wild Mouse
May 28, 2022 Operating
Superman Ultimate Flight Premier Rides Launched June 30, 2012 Operating

Past (5)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Greased Lightnin' Schwarzkopf Launched 2003 2006 Scrapped
Harley Quinn Crazy Coaster Skyline Attractions Single rail August 3, 2018 2020 Unknown
Pandemonium Gerstlauer Spinning May 23, 2008 January 1, 2012 Relocated to Six Flags México
Roar Great Coasters International Wooden May 14, 1999 August 16, 2015 Scrapped, supports used for Joker
Zonga Schwarzkopf Sit-Down April 25, 2003 2004 Relocated to Isla San Marcos Parque Temático



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Air Penguins I.E. Park Junior Jets 2007
Ark Zamperla Pirate Ship 1998
Boardwalk Bumper Buggies C&S Dodgems 1998
Bugs' Buccaneer Sartori Junior Pirate Ship 1999
Congo Queen Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2006
Elmer's Weather Balloon Service Zamperla Samba Balloon 1997
Foghorn's Seaport Railway Zamperla Junior Railway 1997
Frog Hopper Zamperla Jump Around 2006
Merlin's Seaside Tours I.E. Park Junior Flying Carpet 2007
Monkey Business Zamperla Teacups 1998
Monsoon Falls Intamin Shoot The Chute 1999
Nairobi's Look Out Balloons Zamperla Balloon Tower 2006
Penguin Mack Rides Twist 'n' Splash 2014
Pepe Le Pew's Rafts of Romance Unknown Junior Teacups 1997
Safari Jeep Tours Zamperla Track Ride 2006
Scat-A-Bout Eli Bridge Company Scrambler 1999
Seaport Carousel Chance Rides Junior Carousel 1997
Seaside Express Metallbau Emmeln Miniature Railway 2007
SkyScreamer Funtime Star Flyer 2011
Sylvester's Pounce and Bounce Zamperla Junior Drop Tower 1999
Tava's Elephant Parade Zamperla Junior Jets 2006
Taz's Typhoon Zamperla Junior Waveswinger 1997
Thrilla Gorilla Zamperla Sea Storm 1998
Wave Swinger Zamperla Waveswinger 1998
White Water Safari Intamin River Rapids 1999
Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Zamperla Frisbee 2017
Yosemite Sam's Flight School Zamperla Junior Jets 1997


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Dare Devil Chaos Coaster Larson International Super Loop 2015 2020-2022 Unknown
Hammerhead Shark Zamperla Ranger 1998 2022 Scrapped
Jambo Zamperla Rainbow 1998 2006 Stored - later sold
Skycoaster Sky Fun 1 Inc. Skycoaster 2001 2021 Scrapped
Starfish Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 1998 2002 Relocated to Geauga Lake & Wildwater Kingdom
Tazmanian Devil HUSS Frisbee 1998 2017 Scrapped
Thunder Road Speedway J&J Amusements Go-Karts 1999 2018 Scrapped
VooDoo HUSS Top Spin 1998 2016 Scrapped
Wave Jumper HUSS Jets 1999 2013 Scrapped

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