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S&S Sansei Technologies

S&S Sansei Technologies

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S&S Sansei Technologies


Logan, Utah, USA



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S&S Sansei Technologies is an amusement ride designer and manufacturer.

History[edit | edit source]

S&S was established in 1994 by Stan Checketts[1] and their first product was the Space Shot, the world's first drop tower.[2]

Following the closure of Custom Coasters International, Inc. in July 2001, owner Denise Dinn was hired by S&S to start a new wooden roller coaster division.[3] The company went on to build four wooden roller coasters.

In 2002, S&S Power purchased the bankrupt Arrow Dynamics, renaming it S&S Arrow.

Founder Stan Checketts left the company in 2008.[1]

In November 2012 S&S became a subsidiary of Sansei Yusoki Co. Ltd., who purchased 77.3% of the company.[4][5] The company was renamed S&S-Sansei Technologies.

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