Superman Ultimate Flight (Six Flags Discovery Kingdom)

Roller coaster in the United States
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Superman Ultimate Flight
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Location Vallejo, California, USA
Coordinates 38°08′19″N 122°13′52″W / 38.1387259°N 122.2310066°W / 38.1387259; -122.2310066
Status Operating since June 30, 2012
Rider height 54 inch minimum
Replaced Pandemonium
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Product Sky Rocket II
Type Steel - Launched
Riders per train 12
Propulsion LSM launch (multi-pass)
Height 150 feet
Drop 135 feet
Top speed 62 mph
Length 863 feet
Inversions 1

Superman Ultimate Flight is a steel launched roller coaster located at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo, California, USA. Opened in 2012, it has forwards and backwards launches and a non inverting loop.


On August 21, 2011, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom posted a teaser saying "Can you keep a secret? It's bigger than a breadbox, smaller than Rhode Island, and it's coming in 2012. So get ready for the sort of exhilarating, high-octane thrills that only Six Flags Discovery Kingdom can offer. Find out more on September 1." On September 1, 2011, the park announced the addition of Superman Ultimate Flight.[1]

Superman Ultimate Flight replaced the Pandemonium roller coaster, which was closed on January 1, 2012 and relocated to Six Flags Mexico in 2013. Like its predecessor, it reused the Zonga station as the extended queue area and PLC room.[2] The coaster opened on June 30, 2012 and is the first Sky Rocket II installation from Premier Rides.[3]

During the 2013 season, Six Flags added seatbelts to the ride vehicles.[4]



Ride experience

The train is launched out of the station and enters the vertical twist. After losing its momentum, the train travels backward, through the station, accelerating further, traveling up, backward, through the second vertical twist. After losing momentum for a second time, the train travels forwards, through the station, and up through the vertical twist before slowing to a crawl at the ride's highest point. It travels slowly through the in-line twist, providing some hang time. The train then dips into a downward twist and through the non-inverting loop before diving into the station. It then reaches the vertical twist before it loses momentum and goes back to the station.


Single train with 2 cars. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows, for a total of 12 riders per train. Lap bar restraints hold riders in.



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