Loudoun Castle

Amusement park in the United Kingdom

Loudoun Castle
Galston, Strathclyde, Scotland, UK
Status Standing but not operating
Operated 1995 to 2010
Owner Henk Bembom

Loudoun Castle was an amusement park in Galston, Strathclyde, Scotland, UK. It closed in 2010.

The park was located on the grounds of Loudoun Castle, which was gutted by fire in 1941.

In 2003, the park was acquired by Bembon Brothers.[1]

Roller coasters


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Relocated
Roller Crazy Coaster B. A. Schiff & Associates Kiddie Unknown 2002 Travelling UK
Powered Crazy Croc Billy Joe Butlin Kiddie 2001 2004 Exported
Powered Dragon Zamperla Family 1995 1999 Travelling UK
Roller Galaxy SDC Sit-Down 1999 2002 Unknown
Roller Gold Rush Zierer Sit-Down 2010 2010 Family Park
Roller Rat Maurer Rides GmbH Wild Mouse 2005 2009 Holiday Park
Roller Slitherin' Schwarzkopf Sit-Down July 7, 2002 2004 Movieland Park
Roller Thunder Loop Express Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1996 1998 Vidámpark
Roller Twist and Shout Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 2003 2010 Fun Park Mirnovec
Roller Wacky Worm I.E. Park Family 2003 2010 Unknown
Roller Wacky Worm Unknown Kiddie 1999 2002 Travelling UK
Roller Wilde Maus Heinrich Wooden
Wild Mouse
2000 2001 Scrapped

Former attractions

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
1001 Nights Weber Flying Carpet 2001 2001 Unknown
Barnstormer S&S Worldwide Drop Tower 2007 2010 Relocated to Trans Studio Bandung
Black Pearl Weber Ranger 2004 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Captain's Wheel HUSS Enterprise 2004 2007 Relocated to Avonturenpark Hellendoorn
Carousel Zierer Carousel 2003 2010 Unknown
Crow's Nest HUSS Troika 2004 2010 Relocated to Carowinds
Dodgems PWS Rides Dodgems 1998 1999 Travelling UK
Drop Zone Fabbri Drop Tower 2000 2002 Travelling Mexico
Drunken Barrels W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Scenic Boat Ride 2006 2010 Unknown
Evolution Fabbri Evolution 1999 1999 Relocated to Beto Carrero World via Fabbri
Gallopers John H. Rundle Carousel 1995 1999 Relocated to Dreamland Margate
Ghost Train Unknown Tracked Dark Ride 1999 2002 Unknown
Hell Raiser Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1999 2002 Travelling UK
Helter Skelter Supercar Helter Skelter 1995 2010 Sold - stored
HMS Flora MacDougal HUSS Pirate Ship 2003 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Lighthouse Zamperla Junior Drop Tower 2005 or earlier 2010 Relocated to Pleasurewood Hills
Logger's Leap Reverchon Log Flume 1996 2010 Scrapped
MacDougal's Tractor Ride Metallbau Emmeln Track Ride 2003 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Milk Churn De Boer Round-Up 2003 2010 Relocated to Treasure Island Amusement Park
Old Timers Metallbau Emmeln Track Ride 2005 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Pirate Swinger Park Rides Lamborghini Junior Chair-O-Plane 2008 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Plough Schwarzkopf Chair-O-Plane 2005 2010 Standing but not operating
Pony Trek Metallbau Emmeln Pony Trek 2003 2010 Relocated to Pleasurewood Hills
Storm Breaker HUSS Park Attractions Breakdance 2008 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Rodeo Rider Emmo Kreekel Twist 1997 1998 Relocated to Grove Land
Rodeo Rider Emmo Kreekel Twist 2004 2010 Relocated to Southport Pleasureland
Super Nova Mondial Super Nova 1999 2000 Scrapped
Swing Around Mel Park Swingaround 1999 2002 Relocated to Seaburn Fun Park
Twister PWS Rides / A.R.M Twist c.1999 2002 Travelling UK
Viking Helmut Hauser Pirate Ship 1999 2002 Travelling UK
Wallace Sword Weber Ranger 1996 1999 Relocated to Pluton Park
Wave Rider Modern Products Junior Pirate Ship Unknown 2010 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Waveswinger Zierer Waveswinger 1997 1998 Relocated to Pluton Park
Waveswinger Mardi Gras Waveswinger 2000 2002 Relocated to Seaburn Fun Park


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