Southport Pleasureland

Amusement park in the United Kingdom

Southport Pleasureland
Southport, Merseyside, England, UK
Status Operating
Opened 1912

Southport Pleasureland is an amusement park in Southport, Merseyside, England, UK. In 2006, it was closed as a permanent theme park and became a location for fairmen to place their rides. However, the park has begun to reinstall some permanent rides in recent years. The park was once owned by the Thompson family, who owns the nearby Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

Roller coasters


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Powered Grand Canyon CAM Baby Kart Family 2012 Operating
Roller Odin's Little Dragon Coaster DAL Amusement Rides Kiddie 2016 Operating
Roller Rocket Pinfari Family June 5, 2021 Operating


Class Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Roller Big Apple Pinfari Family 1982 2010 Travelling with Paul Hart
Roller Circus Clown Pinfari Kiddie 2009 2010 Relocated to Wicksteed Park
Roller Circus Clown Pinfari Kiddie 1986 1986 Relocated to Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Roller Crash Test Cedeal Rides Spinning
Wild Mouse
2019 2019 Relocated to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park
Roller Crazy Chase B. A. Schiff & Associates Kiddie 2007 2008 Travelling UK
Roller Cyclone Charles Paige Wooden 1937 2006 Scrapped
Roller Indy's Lost World Supercar Kiddie 2008 2010 Unknown
Roller King Solomon's Mines Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wooden
Wild Mouse
2000 September 5, 2006 Dreamland Margate (Never operated)
Roller Looping Star Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1985 1987 Relocated to OK Corral
Roller Mad Mouse Maxwell Wild Mouse 1983 1985 Unknown
Roller Mad Mouse Fabbri Spinning
Wild Mouse
2014 2014 Travelling UK
Roller Roller Coaster Pinfari Sit-Down August 11, 2017 2022 Unknown
Roller Storm Pinfari Sit-Down 2008 2008 Relocated to Playground Varna
Roller Traumatizer Vekoma Inverted 1999 2006 Relocated to Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Roller Wild Cat Pinfari Sit-Down 1978 2006 Stored
Roller Wild Cat Pinfari Sit-Down 2009 2017 Unknown



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Blackbeard's Falls Pinfari Rides Junior Log Flume 2024
Chaos ConFolding Group Frisbee 2023
Dock Funhouse Self-built Funhouse 2019
Dodgems Reverchon Dodgems 2008
Double Snake Slide Zapfun Tube Slide 2024
Dumbo Bojux Jets 2017
Flying Swings Unknown Waveswinger 2012
Ghost Train W.G.H. Transportation Engineering Tracked Dark Ride 2013
Ghostly Galleon Metallbau Emmeln Pirate Ship 2024
Granota Bosch Safeco Jump & Smile 2018
Loki's Log Flume Reverchon Log Flume 2012
Re-Mix Tivoli Manufacturing Extreme 2013
Snake Slide Zapfun Tube Slide Unknown
Snow Jet Reverchon Matterhorn 2016
Submarine Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 2019
Twister Emmo Kreekel Twist 2013
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 2011


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Abdullah’s Dilemma Helters Ltd Mystic Swing 1961 2006 Save Dreamland Margate campaign (not used)
Astroglide Bennett Giant Slide 1970 2000 Scrapped
Atmosphere Creator Maxwell Waltzer 2007 2008 Travelling UK
Beach Party Beston Amusement Equipment Disk'O 2015 2018 Unknown
Ben Hur HUSS Ben Hur 1984 1980s Unknown
Big Wheel Corbiere Ferris Wheel 2005 2006 Save Dreamland Margate campaign (not used)
Black Hole H.P. Jackson Swirl/Skid 1964 2004 SBNO - Scrapped
Carousel Bertazzon Carousel 2013 2015 or later Travelling UK
Caterpillar Harry Traver Engineering Caterpillar 1949 2006 Save Dreamland Margate campaign (not used)
Chair-O-Plane Robert Porter Chair-O-Plane 2011 2011 Travelling UK
Chaos Chance Rides Chaos 1998 2006 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Chewits Log Flume Arrow Dynamics Log Flume 1991 2006 Scrapped
Cortina Mack Rides Flying Coaster 1976 1994 Scrapped
Cresta Run H.P. Jackson Matterhorn 1976 1983 H.P. Jackson
Cyclone Twist Edwin Hall Twist 1962 1996.c Stored
Das Fun Schiff HUSS Pirate Ship 2019 2019 Travelling UK
Demon Chase Sobema Superbob/Musik Express 2007 2007 Travelling UK
Desert Convoy I.E. Park Track Ride Unknown 2006 Relocated to Knowsley Safari Park
Dive Bomber Lusse Roll-O-Plane 1947 1952 Travelling UK
Dodgems Supercar Dodgems 1962 2006 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Dominator F.G.L. Miami 2009 2010 Travelling Spain
Downhill Racer R.J. Lakin Mont Blanc 1975 1975 Travelling UK
Dragon Boats Diamond Electronics Roundabout 1992 2006 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Enterprise HUSS Enterprise 2012 2012 Travelling UK
Enterprise HUSS Enterprise 2018 2018 Travelling UK
Experience KMG Experience 2007 2007 Travelling UK
Extreme Frogs No.1 PWS Rides Jump & Smile 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Ferris Wheel Lusse Ferris Wheel 1939 1954 Unknown
Flume Ride Fabbri Junior Log Flume 2007 2008 Travelling UK
Flying Camels I.E. Park Jets 1999 2006 Relocated to Lightwater Valley
Flying Saucers Lang Wheels Ferris Wheel 1961 1989 Sold to non-guild UK showman
Freak Out KMG Frisbee 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Frisbee SBF Visa Group Frisbee 2007 2007 Travelling UK
Frisbee HUSS Frisbee 2017 2023 For sale
Gallopers Robert Tidman Carousel 1949 1949 Relocated to Williams' Amusements
Gallopers Thomas Walker Carousel 1950 2006 Relocated to Trentham Estate
Ghost Train Unknown Tracked Dark Ride 1931 1996 Scrapped
Ghost Train H.P. Jackson Tracked Dark Ride 1979 2006 Scrapped
Ghost Train Craig Freeman Tracked Dark Ride 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Ghost Train Gilbert Chadwick Jnr. Tracked Dark Ride 2009 2009 Travelling UK
Giant Wheel Kroon Ferris Wheel 2000 2000 Travelling UK
Giant Wheel Fabbri Ferris Wheel 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Giant Wheel Kroon Ferris Wheel 2010 2010 Travelling UK
Giant Wheel Technical Park Ferris Wheel 2019 2019 Travelling UK
Hanseatic HUSS Pirate Ship 1986 1987 Travelling Germany
Haunted Inn Martland Brothers Walk-Through 1949 2009 Destroyed by Arson
Haunted Mansion SBF Visa Group Tracked Dark Ride 2019 2019 Unknown
Helter Skelter World's Manufacturing Company Helter Skelter 1905 1929 SBNO - scrapped
Himalaya Reverchon Matterhorn 1984 2002 Travelling UK
Hurricane Jets Lang Wheels Jets 1956 2002 Scrapped
Jungle River Reverchon Log Flume 2009 2010 Travelling UK
Kingdom In The Clouds Zamperla Ferris Wheel 2013 2016 Unknown
Log Runner Bennett Water Chute 1983 Unknown Scrapped
Lost Dinosaurs of the Sahara Lot Morgan Dark Boat Ride 1922 2006 Scrapped
Noah's Ark William Strickler Funhouse 1930 1977 Burnt out
Marrakech Express Lang Wheels Track Ride 1960s 2006 Scrapped
Matterhorn Sobema Matterhorn 2015 2015 Relocated to Tramore Amusement Park
Megaspin A.R.M. Twin Spin 2007 2007 Travelling UK
Meteorite Sam Ward Round-Up 1984 1993 Travelling UK
Mexican Wave Safeco Jump & Smile 2007 2008 Travelling UK
Miami Fairmatt Miami 2010s 2018 Travelling UK
Mistral Flying Machine Bisch Rocco Flying Scooter 1997 2005 Scrapped
Moonrocket R.J. Lakin / Maxwell Moonrocket 1955 1957 Sold for parts
Mustapha Slide Supercar Helter Skelter 1950 2006 Travelling UK
Octopus Lusse Octopus 1939 1955 Relocated to Voryd Park
OMG Fabbri Evolution 2013 2015 Unknown
Pirate Ship Zamperla Pirate Ship 2008 2018 Scrapped
Rainbow HUSS Rainbow 1991 1992 Relocated to Fun Acres Amusement Park
Rock 'n' Roll Express Reverchon Matterhorn 2008 2013 Relocated to Billing Aquadrome
Rok 'n' Rol Allan Herschell Company Looper/Rock 'n' Roll 1989 c.1991 Scrapped
Rock-O-Plane Eyerly Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1984 1984 - 1985 Relocated to Morecambe Pleasure Park
Sandstorm Hrubetz Round-Up 2004 2006 Save Dreamland Margate campaign (not used)
Satellite Bennett Trabant/Satellite 1965 1974 Relocated to Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Satellite Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 1987 1997 Relocated to Frontierland Family Theme Park
Scat Fairplace Scat 1977 1980 Unknown
Scramble H.P. Jackson Speedway 1950s 1970 Travelling UK
Ski Jump Pollard Engineering Flying Coaster 2009 2017 Travelling UK
Sky Diver Bennett Lifting Paratrooper 1973 1996 Travelling UK
Sky Diver Bennett Lifting Paratrooper 2011 2013 Travelling UK
Sky Ride Bennett Cablecars 1974 2006 Save Dreamland Margate campaign (not used)
Skyliner Eyerly Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Space Shot S&S Worldwide Drop Tower 2002 2006 Relocated to Loudoun Castle
Speedway Maxwell Ark/Speedway 1971 1991 Travelling UK
Spiderman Fabbri Smashing Jump 2008 2008 Travelling UK
Spiderman Chance Rides Trabant/Satellite 2009 2011 Relocated to Craig Tara Holiday Camp
Super Autodrome De-Luxe Lang Wheels Autodrome 1948 1950 Relocated to Seaton Carew Amusement Park
Super Bob Sobema Superbob 2011 2014 Relocated to Tramore Amusement Park
Super Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 2009 2009 Travelling UK
Superbob Sobema Superbob 2008 2009 Travelling UK
Superheroes The Ride Unknown Suspended Dark Ride 2007 2009 Travelling UK
Swirl Unknown Swirl/Skid 1935 c.1950 Relocated to Fairworld Seaton Carew
Tagada Eli Bridge Company Twist 1997 2006 Travelling UK
Take Off HUSS Take Off 2015 2015 Travelling UK
Tidal Wave HUSS Pirate Ship 1997 2006 Relocated to M&D's Scotland's Theme Park
Top America Bouchot Superbob 2015 2017 Unknown
Tri-Star Bennett Troika 1974 1983 Relocated to Spanish City Amusement Park
Tri-Star Fairmatt Troika 2013 2016 Exported USA
Trip To The Moon Unknown Tracked Dark Ride Unknown 1977 Burnt out
Twister Sonacase Twist 2007 2009 Travelling UK
Twister Sonacase Twist 2010 2012 Travelling UK
Viking Zierer Pirate Ship 1983 1983 Relocated to Coney Beach Pleasure Park
Waltzer R.J. Lakin Waltzer 1933 1950s Relocated to Seaburn Fun Park
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 1950 1977 Travelling Ireland
Waltzer Maxwell Waltzer 1969 1997 Relocated to Frontierland Family Theme Park
Waltzer H.P. Jackson Waltzer 1978 2003 Relocated to Hemsby Fun Park
Waterboggan Unknown Dinghy Waterslides 1994 2005 Scrapped
Whirligig H.P. Jackson Whirligig 1954 1950s Travelling UK
XXL Lunapark FS Afterburner 2016 2016 Unknown


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