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roller coaster
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Location Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Operating since May 2, 2007
Pleasureland Southport
Location Southport, Merseyside, England, United Kingdom
Operated 1999 to 5 September 2006
Manufacturer Vekoma
Type Steel - Inverted
Model / product SLC (689m Standard)
Riders per train 16
Hourly capacity 832
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height109.3 feet
Top speed49.7 mph
Length2,260.5 feet
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Infusion is a steel inverted roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK. It is the first inverted coaster to be built entirely over water. The ride has multiple water features with many fountains and water effects in the queue line.

Infusion was formerly located at Pleasureland Southport as Traumatizer. The Pleasureland theme park was closed down in 2006 and the Traumatizer was transferred to Blackpool Pleasure Beach which was owned by the same people.

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