Virginia Reel (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Virginia Reel
Virginia Reel (Blackpool Pleasure Beach) 1938.jpg
The Virginia Reel in 1938
roller coaster
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Location Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Defunct
Operated 1922 to 1982
Builder William Strickler
Type Wooden - Spinning - Side Friction

Virginia Reel was a wooden spinning roller coaster located at Pleasure Beach Blackpool in the United Kingdom.

Design[edit | edit source]

This ride predates the spinning Wild Mouse type coasters seen today. It had several spinning cars that run across wooden track (similar to a side friction roller coaster). There were several switchbacks as well.

Instead of big hills or banks, Virginia Reels featured many unbanked turns and switchbacks to spin their tubs as much as possible. Near the end of the ride were a few helices and a relatively steep drop into a tunnel.

Name[edit | edit source]

The Virginia Reel was not named after the way the cars 'reeled' down the track nor the country dance. It was named after Luna Virginia Riehl, the daughter of the ride's creator - a Mr Henry Elmer Riehl of New York USA who patented the ride on November 26, 1907 (Patent Number 872253).