Queue line

A queue line is a designated area for future riders of an attraction to wait. In these lines, there may be some scenery to show off the ride. Queue lines will often play music, videos, or even have some vending machines. When the future riders reach the end of the queue line, they enter the station and often wait in smaller lines for individual cars, then proceed into the trains.

Typically, there is only one queue line per ride. However, in recent years, some parks have introduced separate entrances and lines:

  • Queue skip entrance, for use by queue skip ticket holders, usually sold at an additional cost, to bypass the majority of the queue line
  • Single rider entrance, for riders who don't mind riding with a stranger. Ride operators fill up empty seats with guests from the single rider line.
  • Front seat queue line, particularly for coasters, usually takes the form of a smaller queue in the station that splits from the main line. Allows guests to wait longer for a front row seat.
  • Disabled riders queue line. Some parks issue passes for guests with conditions that prevent them from waiting for extended periods of time. Policies vary per park.
  • Since the introduction of virtual reality, particularly on coasters, some attractions have a separate line those who wish to wear a virtual reality headset.


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