Virtual reality roller coaster

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Riders wearing virtual reality headsets on New Revolution

A virtual reality roller coaster is a roller coaster that gives riders the option of wearing a virtual reality headset during the ride. Many companies provide these headsets, such as the Mack-operated company VRCoaster and Samsung. A virtual reality coaster can either be retrofitted with headsets many years after it opens, or it can be built from the ground up to use virtual reality.


The first known virtual reality roller coaster was Galaxie Express in Germany. This short-lived roller coaster opened in 2003 and had individual monitors which lowered over rider's heads.

In 2016, Six Flags added virtual reality to roller coasters across many of their parks.


Riders wear a headset which displays a computer-generated video that is synchronised with the movement of the roller coaster.

Examples of virtual reality roller coasters

Name Manufacturer Coaster type Park Opened VR added Company/Headset type Price
Alpenexpress Enzian Mack Rides Powered Europa-Park 1984 September 2015 VRCoaster Upcharge
Galactica Bolliger & Mabillard Flying Alton Towers 16 March 2002 24 March 2016 (VR removed in 2018) Pico Headset Free
Dare Devil Dive Gerstlauer Steel Six Flags Over Georgia 2011 March 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
New Revolution Schwarzkopf Steel Six Flags Magic Mountain 1976 21 April 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Superman The Ride Intamin Hyper Six Flags New England 2000 9 April 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Superman Krypton Coaster Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless Six Flags Fiesta Texas 2000 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Superman: Ride of Steel Intamin Hyper Six Flags America 1999 June 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Steamin' Demon Arrow Dynamics Steel Great Escape 1984 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Ninja Arrow Dynamics Steel Six Flags St. Louis April 1989 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Goliath Bolliger & Mabillard Hyper La Ronde 2006 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Galaxie Express Mack Rides Indoor Space Center 2003 2003 N/A Free
Shockwave Schwarzkopf Steel Six Flags Over Texas 22 April 1978 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Mount Mara Vekoma Enclosed Bobbejaanland 1989 30 April 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Pegasus Mack Rides Family Europa-Park 2006 2016 (VR removed for 2017) VRCoaster Upcharge
Demon Arrow Dynamics Sit-Down Six Flags Great America 29 May 1976 13 August 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Kong Vekoma Inverted Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 1998 24 September 2016 Samsung Gear VR Free
Linnunrata Xtra Zierer Enclosed Linnanmäki 2000 2016 Unknown Free
Olandese Volante Vekoma Mine Train Rainbow MagicLand 2011 2016 Unknown Unknown
Kraken Unleashed Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless SeaWorld Orlando 2000 16 June 2017 (VR removed in January 2018) Unknown Free
Shaman Vekoma Sit-Down Gardaland 1985 2017 Unknown Unknown
French Revolution Vekoma Sit-Down Lotte World 1989 November 2016 Unknown Unknown
Freedom Flyer Vekoma Inverted Fun Spot America 2013 2017 VRCoaster Free
Batman la Fuga Bolliger & Mabillard Inverted Parque Warner Madrid 2002 2017 Unknown Unknown
Dæmonen Bolliger & Mabillard Floorless Tivoli Gardens 2004 2017 Unknown Upcharge
Iron Dragon Arrow Dynamics Suspended Cedar Point 11 June 1987 June 2017 Unknown Free
Max Adventures Master Thai Preston & Barbieri Möbius Mirabilandia 2011 2017 Unknown Unknown
Eurosat - CanCan Coaster Mack Rides Enclosed Europa-Park 1989 2018 Unknown Unknown
The Great Lego Race Mack Rides Wild Mouse Legoland Florida 2011 2018 Unknown Unknown
The Great Lego Race Mack Rides Wild Mouse Legoland Malaysia 2012 2018 Unknown Unknown
The Great Lego Race Mack Rides Wild Mouse Legoland Deutschland 2002 2018 Unknown Unknown
Big Apple Coaster Togo Sit-Down New York, New York Hotel & Casino 1997 7 February 2018 Unknown Upcharge
Young Star Coaster Mack Rides Family Happy Valley February 8, 2010 Unknown Unknown Free
Wild West Mine Train Zamperla Family Ocean Park 1999 Gear VR Free
Temple Of The Night Hawk Vekoma Enclosed Phantasialand April 1, 1988 2019 Unknown Unknown