Demon (Six Flags Great America)

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The roller coaster in 1978 when it was known as "Turn of the Century"
roller coaster
Six Flags Great America
Location Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Park section County Fair
Status Operating since May 29, 1976
Height restriction 42 inches (107 cm)
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Type Steel
Model / product Custom Looping Coaster
Riders per train 24
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height103.7 feet
Drop90 feet
Top speed50 mph
Length2130 feet
Inversions2 (as Turn of the Century)
4 (as Demon)
Steepest drop54°

Demon is an Arrow Dynamics sit-down roller coaster located at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, USA. On August 5, 2016, Six Flags announced that Demon would be one of two rides to receive a virtual reality upgrade for Fright Fest, the other being Kong at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The ride will show a film called Rage of the Gargoyles and it is being billed as "the world's first fully immersive gaming experience".

History[edit | edit source]

Originally opened in 1976 as the Turn of the Century with two corkscrew loops. For the 1980 season, the two vertical loops were added, the track was painted black and given the "Demon" theme".

Design[edit | edit source]


The ride leaves the station by entering a tunnel followed by the 103.7 foot tall lift hill, followed by a 90 foot tall first drop leading into the ride's first vertical loop. Shortly after is the second vertical loop followed by a tunnel filled with lights before entering the mid-course block brake section. The design continues with a drop into a double corkscrew, followed by a turn into the final brake run followed by the station.

Most inversions on a roller coaster (4)
tied with
Carolina Cyclone, Demon, Python

1980 - May 1982
Preceded by
Most inversions on a roller coaster (4)
tied with
Carolina Cyclone, Demon, Python

1980 - May 1982
Succeeded by

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