Mardi Gras Hangover

Mardi Gras Hangover
Mardi Gras Hangover at Six Flags Great America
Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World
Location Grand Island, New York, USA
Status In storage
Rider height 48 inch minimum
Six Flags Great America
Name Mardi Gras Hangover
Location Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Operated May 26, 2018 to October 29, 2023
Replaced King Chaos
Manufacturer Larson International
Product Giga Loop
Height 100 feet

Mardis Gras Hangover was a ride from American manufacturer Larson International that previously operated at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, USA. The ride is currently in storage at Niagara Amusement Park and Splash World in Grand Island, New York, USA.


Mardi Gras Hangover was announced for Six Flags Great America on August 31, 2017.[1] The name was revealed in February 2018[2] and the ride opened on May 26.[3] According to Six Flags, it is the largest Super Loop ever built, standing 100 feet tall. The company marketed this attraction as a roller coaster.

In October 2023, the attraction's closure was announced for October 29, 2023.[4] Before the announcement was made, two tombs at the Six Saints Cemetery for Fright Fest 2023 teased two rides closing. One read "2004 - ____" while the other read "2018 - ____."[5]

In February 2024, Mardi Gras Hangover and Revolution both arrived at Niagara Amusement Park & Splash World.


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