Maxx Force

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Maxx Force
A promotional image released alongside the ride's announcement on August 30, 2018.
Six Flags Great America
Location Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Status Operating since July 4, 2019
Cost $15,000,000 USD
Manufacturer S&S Sansei Technologies
Designer / calculations Joe Draves
Type Steel - Launched
Product Air Launched Coaster
Riders per train 16
Propulsion Compressed air launch
Height 175 feet
Drop 172 feet
Top speed 78 mph
Length 1800 feet
Inversions 5
Duration 0:23
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Maxx Force is a steel launched roller coaster located at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois, USA. After months of teasing from the removal of the Pictorium, Maxx Force was announced on August 30, 2018. It was manufactured by S&S Sansei Technologies, opening on July 4, 2019.


A passholder's preview was held on July 3.[1] It officially opened a day later on July 4.



Maxx Force is a compressed air launch coaster manufactured by S&S Worldwide which features 5 inversions, including the world's fastest heartline roll taken at 60 mph and the world's tallest double inversion, a dog tongue at 175 feet. The ride also features the launch with the highest acceleration in America, launching from 0 - 78 mph in 1.8 s (1.78 g's of acceleration).

Ride experience

Maxx Force's layout is very straight-forward; after the intial 78 mph air launch, Maxx Force steps up into the 175 foot dog tongue, followed by a right-hand turn underneath the step up. Then it enters the 60 mph heartline roll, rising upwards into the double inverting dive loop or "Maxx dive loop", which is an incomplete zero-g roll immediately followed by a dive loop.


2 trains with 4 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows, for a total of 16 riders per train. The coasters trains are modeled after Formula One race cars. The 2 trains colors are red and black.

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