Dive loop

A dive loop on Kraken at SeaWorld Orlando

A dive loop is a type of B&M and Gerstlauer roller coaster inversion whose inspiration was taken from a stunt plane maneuver. The track twists upwards and to the side and then dives toward the ground in a half-loop.


Arrow and Vekoma use a similar version of the element known as a reverse sidewinder. This inversion starts with a half-corkscrew and ends with a half-loop, so the train exits the element perpendicular to how it entered. This element is featured on Arrow's Cyclone (Dreamworld) at Dreamworld in Australia and Vekoma's Ninja at Six Flags Over Georgia.

Rocky Mountain Construction uses a raven truss dive on ArieForce One at Fun Spot America Atlanta. This is actually just a dive loop that has a small outer bank at the top that goes through a truss, hence the name.

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