Norwegian loop

An airtime hill passing through the center of a Norwegian loop on SpeedMonster.
Fahrenheit's Norwegian loop.

A Norwegian loop is a double-inversion. While ascending, the train inverts before diving towards the ground in a half-loop manoeuvre. The train subsequently rises in another half-loop and once almost inverted, the train rolls out and descends, exiting the element in the same direction as it entered. It is similar to a dive loop followed by an Immelmann.

The Norwegian loop first appeared on SpeedMonster which opened in 2006 at TusenFryd in Vinterbro, Oslo, Norway.


Name Amusement park Country Manufacturer Opened
SpeedMonster TusenFryd
Intamin April 23, 2006
Fahrenheit Hersheypark
Intamin May 24, 2008
Helix Liseberg
Mack Rides April 26, 2014