Norwegian loop

An airtime hill passing through the center of a Norwegian loop on SpeedMonster.
Fahrenheit's Norwegian loop.

A Norwegian loop is a double-inversion. While ascending, the train inverts before diving towards the ground in a half-loop manoeuvre. The train subsequently rises in another half-loop and once almost inverted, the train rolls out and descends, exiting the element in the same direction as it entered. It is similar to a dive loop followed by an Immelmann.

The Norwegian loop first appeared on SpeedMonster which opened in 2006 at TusenFryd in Vinterbro, Oslo, Norway.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

Name Amusement park Country Manufacturer Opened
SpeedMonster TusenFryd
Intamin April 23, 2006
Fahrenheit Hersheypark
Intamin May 24, 2008
Helix Liseberg
Mack Rides April 26, 2014