Top hat

Inside top hat on Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast
Outside top hat on Kingda Ka, the world's tallest roller coaster

A top hat (sometimes called a top cap) is an element most often used on launched roller coasters. It consists of an ascent at a 90 degree angle immediately followed by a 90-degree descent in the opposite direction from which the train enters. Often, vertical twists precede and follow the top hat element.

Both Kingda Ka and Top Thrill Dragster feature a giant top hat.

The inside top hat (also known as a top hat inversion) is a different type of top hat, that features an inversion. When the train approaches the top of the "hat", it makes a 90 degree lateral twist so that it is on the inside of the element (hence the name). Once the train reaches the top, passengers are briefly suspended upside down before dropping in the opposite direction from which they enter.


Below is a list of all the roller coasters with a top hat element. All of them are steel sit-down roller coasters.

Outside top hat

Name Amusement park Manufacturer Opened Status
Anubis The Ride Plopsaland De Panne Gerstlauer 2009 Operating
Euro Express Romon U-Park Intamin 2015 Operating
Fury Bobbejaanland Gerstlauer 2019 Operating
Gold Rush Attractiepark Slagharen Gerstlauer 2017 Operating
iSpeed Mirabilandia Intamin 2009 Operating
Junker PowerLand Gerstlauer 2015 Operating
Kanonen Liseberg Intamin 2005 Closed 2016
Karacho Erlebnispark Tripsdrill Gerstlauer 2013 Operating
Kingda Ka Six Flags Great Adventure Intamin 2005 Operating
Lynet Fårup Sommerland Gerstlauer 2008 Operating
Nefeskesen Vialand Intamin 2013 Operating
Red Fire ViaSea Intamin 2015 Operating
Red Force Ferrari Land Intamin 2017 Operating
Skycar Mysterious Island Intamin 2005 Operating
Sky Rocket Kennywood Premier Rides 2010 Operating
Star Trek: Operation Enterprise Movie Park Germany Mack Rides 2017 Operating
Stealth Thorpe Park Intamin 2006 Operating
Storm Runner Hersheypark Intamin 2004 Operating
Superman Escape Warner Bros. Movie World Intamin 2005 Operating
Top Thrill Dragster Cedar Point Intamin 2003 Operating
Xcelerator Knott's Berry Farm Intamin 2002 Operating
Zaturn Space World Intamin 2006 Closed 2017
unknown Vinpearl Land Vekoma 2018 Under construction
unknown World Fairytale Land Vekoma 2020 Under construction
unknown Chengdu Wanda City Intamin 2018 Under construction

Inside top hat

Name Amusement park Manufacturer Opened Status
Dragon Legend Romon U-Park Maurer AG 2015 Operating
Freischütz Bayern Park Maurer AG 2011 Operating
Helix Liseberg Mack Rides 2014 Operating
Junker PowerLand Gerstlauer 2015 Operating
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast Six Flags Over Texas Premier Rides 1998 Operating
Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast Six Flags St. Louis Premier Rides 1998 Operating
Soaring with Dragon Hefei Wanda Theme Park Intamin 2016 Operating
Takabisha Fuji-Q Highland Gerstlauer 2011 Operating
Yamaha Racing Coaster Trans Studio Indoor Theme Park Premier Rides 2011 Operating
Batman and Robin: The Chiller Six Flags Great Adventure Premier Rides 1998 Closed 2007