Pretzel curve

The pretzel curve on Fluch von Novgorod can be seen in this picture on the left-hand side.

The pretzel curve is an element that is similar to a batwing, except it has two helixes. It consists of a continuous left or right turn which varies in radius such that, in the middle, the track passes either over or under both the entrance and exit of the element. The train exits the element parallel to the entrance, but in the opposite direction.


This list is ordered by opening date.

Name Park Country Manufacturer Opened Status
Magnum XL-200 Cedar Point
Arrow Dynamics May 6, 1989 Operating
Oki Doki Bobbejaanland
Vekoma April 3, 2004 Operating
Flucht von Novgorod Hansa Park
Gerstlauer April 9, 2009 Operating

Thrill elements