Amusement park in the United States

Farmington, Utah, USA
Status Operating
Opened July 15, 1886
Owner Private

Lagoon is an amusement park located in Farmington, Utah, USA. The park originally opened in 1886 as a resort on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. It was called Lake Park, and was one of several resorts built along the lake throughout the late 1800s.

Roller coasters

Present (11)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Bat Vekoma Inverted April 16, 2005 Operating
Bombora ART Engineering Sit-Down April 2, 2011 Operating
Cannibal ART Engineering Hyper July 2, 2015 Operating
Colossus The Fire Dragon Schwarzkopf Sit-Down 1983 Operating
Jet Star 2 Schwarzkopf Sit-Down April 3, 1976 Operating
Primordial ART Engineering Sit-Down September 17, 2023 Operating
Puff The Little Fire Dragon Zierer Kiddie May 1985 Operating
Roller Coaster John A. Miller Wooden 1921 Operating
Spider Maurer Söhne Spinning April 2003 Operating
Wicked Zierer Launched June 1, 2007 Operating
Wild Mouse Maurer Söhne Wild Mouse April 10, 1998 Operating

Past (4)

Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Kiddie Coaster Allan Herschell Company Kiddie 1956 1982 or earlier Unknown
New Wilder Wild Mouse Mack Rides Wooden Wild Mouse 1973 1989 Scrapped
Scenic Railway Unknown Wooden Side Friction 1906 1920 Scrapped
Wild Mouse Mack Rides Wooden Wild Mouse 1965 1971 Stored



Name Manufacturer Type Opened
Air Race Zamperla Air Race 2012
Baby Boats Allan Herschell Company Venture River 1963
Boomerang Ihle Dodgems 1977
Bulgy The Whale Eyerly Aircraft Company Roundabout 1956
Catapult Funtime Slingshot 2002
Centennial Screamer HUSS Enterprise 1987
Cliffhanger Mondial Top Spin 2001
Dinosaur Drop Zierer Junior Drop Tower 2006
Double Thunder Raceway J&J Amusements Go-Karts 2000
Dracula's Castle Bill Tracy Tracked Dark Ride 1974
Dragonfly Eli Bridge Company Cobra 2004
Engine 86 Zamperla Junior Flying Carpet 2020
Flying Aces Bisch Rocco Flying Scooters 1941
Flying Tigers Zamperla Junior Suspended Whip 2017
Helicopters Allan Herschell Company Junior Jets 1963
Jumping Dragon Zierer Sea Storm 2009
Kontiki Zierer Rockin' Tug 2004
Ladybug Bop Zierer Junior Drop Tower 2006
Log Flume Arrow Dynamics Log Flume 1975
Merry-Go-Round Herschell-Spillman Carousel 1918
Moonraker Zamperla Junior Paratrooper 1983
Musik Express Mack Rides Superbob/Musik Express 1982
OdySea Zierer Jets 2008
Paratrooper Hrubetz Paratrooper 1966
Rattlesnake Rapids Intamin River Rapids 1997
Red Baron Bradley & Kaye Junior Jets 1984
Red Rock Rally Zamperla Junior Whip 2013
Rock-O-Plane Eyerly Aircraft Company Rock-O-Plane 1954
Rocket S&S Worldwide Drop Tower 1999
Ruka Safari Zamperla Jump Around 2017
Samurai Mondial Top Scan 2000
Scaliwags Zamperla Junior Jets 1986
Skycoaster Sky Fun 1 Inc. Skycoaster 1995
Sky Fighter Allan Herschell Company Junior Jets 1956
Sky Ride Hopkins Ropeway 1974
Sky Scraper Nauta Bussink Ferris Wheel 1991
Space Scrambler Eli Bridge Company Scrambler 1961
Speedway, Jr. Unknown Track Ride 1978
Terroride Bill Tracy Tracked Dark Ride 1967
Tidal Wave HUSS Pirate Ship 1980
Tipsey Tea Cups Zamperla Junior Teacups 2013
Tilt-A-Whirl Sellner Manufacturing Tilt-A-Whirl 1954
Turn of the Century Zierer Waveswinger 1987
Wild Kingdom Train Crown Metal Products Miniature Railway 1967


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Flying Carpet Weber 1001 Nacht 1986 1999 Scrapped
Hydro-Luge WhiteWater West Dinghy Waterslides 1994 2017 Stored
Speedway, Snr. Arrow Dynamics Track Ride 1969 2000 Scrapped
Tri-Star HUSS Tri-Star 1979 1990 Relocated to Kennywood
UFO HUSS Round-Up 1982 1982 Unknown
Scamper Ihle Junior Dodgems 1977 2021 Burnt down
Whip W.F. Mangels Whip 1925 1970 Scrapped