Ciudad Transformer

Ciudad Transformer
Parque Diversiones
Location La Uruca, San José, Costa Rica
Status Defunct
Operated 2008 to 2013
Idlewild & SoakZone
Name Trinado
Location Ligonier, Pennsylvania, USA
Operated 1998 to 2006
Name Tri-Star
Location West Mifflin, Pennsylvania, USA
Operated During 1992
Name Tri-Star
Location Farmington, Utah, USA
Operated 1979 to 1990
Helmut Aigner (Germany)
Name Tristar
Location Travelling
Operated 1977 to 1979
Manufacturer HUSS
Product Tri-Star
Capacity 42 per cycle

Ciudad Transformer was a Tri-Star built by German manufacturer HUSS that was previously located at Parque Diversiones in La Uruca, San José, Costa Rica.


From 1977 to 1979, traveled in Germany with Helmut Aigner.[1] The ride opened at Lagoon as Tri-Star in 1979.[2] During the 1992 season, it operated at Kennywood.[3] It opened at Idlewild Park in 1998 under the name Trinado, following a naming contest.[4][5] The attraction would operate until its closure in 2006. It subsequently operated at Parque Diversiones from 2008 to 2013.

It is currently in storage at Parque Diversiones.


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