This article documents the valid status values that may be used on the wiki.

Status Description
Planned A ride or park which has been announced but no construction work has started yet.
Under construction A ride or park which has started construction but not yet opened. Generally, construction starts with groundworks.
Operating A ride or park which has opened to the public. "Soft openings" to a limited audience are not included.
Standing but not operating A ride or park which is mostly in place but is not open to the public. Seasonal closures are not included. The ride or park may be closed for refurbishment or there may be no plans to reopen but demolition has not started yet.
Under refurbishment A ride or park which has previously operated but is currently closed. There has been an announcement that the attraction will be reopened, or it is being actively worked on.
In storage A ride which is being stored. Larger rides and coasters would be dismantled whereas small portable attractions may simply be parked up. An attraction may operate again after being in storage though in some cases the condition is already poor or deteriorates while in storage resulting in the ride eventually being scrapped.
Defunct A ride or park which has permanently closed. Rides are considered defunct if they have been destroyed or split for parts. Parks are considered defunct if most ride hardware has been removed.