Viper (Six Flags Great America)

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roller coaster
Six Flags Great America
Location Gurnee, Illinois, USA
Status Operating since April 29, 1995
Height restriction 48 inches (122 cm)
Manufacturer Six Flags
Designer / calculations Six Flags
Type Wooden
Track layout Cyclone
Riders per train 30
Hourly capacity 1000
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height100 feet
Drop80 feet
Top speed50 mph
Length3458 feet
Steepest drop53°
G-force3.6 g
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Viper is a wooden roller coaster located at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois. It is the only roller coaster to be built directly by Six Flags themselves. Viper is a taller, faster and longer mirror image of the famous Coney Island Cyclone. Viper is a part of the Southwest Territory, along with Raging Bull.

History[edit | edit source]

From July 8, 2013 to August 26, 2013, Viper ran backwards.

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