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Cyclone (Luna Park)

Cyclone (Luna Park)

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roller coaster
Coney Island Cyclone
Luna Park
Location Brooklyn, New York, USA
Status Operating since June 26, 1927
Cost $175,000 USD
Builder Harry C. Baker
Designer / calculations Vernon Keenan
Type Wooden
Track layout Cyclone
Riders per train 24
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height85 feet
Top speed60 mph
Length2850.3 feet
Steepest drop58.6°

Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster located at Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. The ride was declared a city landmark in 1988, and a national landmark in 1991.

Photo Gallery[edit | edit source]

Fastest roller coaster
June 1927 – April 1976
Preceded by
Giant Dipper
Fastest roller coaster
June 1927 – April 1976
Succeeded by
Screamin' Eagle