Cyclone (Luna Park)

Roller coaster
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Coney Island Cyclone
Luna Park
Location Brooklyn, New York, USA
Status Operating since June 26, 1927
Cost $175,000 USD
Builder Harry C. Baker
Designer / calculations Vernon Keenan
Type Wooden - Hybrid
Track layout Cyclone
Riders per train 24
Propulsion Chain lift hill
Height 85 feet
Top speed 60 mph
Length 2850.3 feet
Inversions 0
Drop angle 58.6°
Duration 1:50

Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster located at Luna Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.


In spring of 1972, It was announced that the Cyclone would have been removed to make way for expansion of the Aquarium, the expansion could have opened between 1973 to 1979, But due to the Save The Cyclone campaign, It was cancelled and reopened this coaster following July 3, 1975.

The ride was declared a city landmark in 1988, and a national landmark in 1991. The Brooklyn Cyclones baseball team is named after the Cyclone.[1]

The ride underwent refurbishment work by Great Coasters International and Skyline Attractions in the late 2010s.[2]


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