Luna Park (USA-New York-Brooklyn; opened 1927 or earlier)

Amusement park in the United States

Luna Park
Brooklyn, New York, USA
Status Operating
Owner Zamperla

Luna Park is an amusement park in the Coney Island area of Brooklyn, New York, USA. It is owned by Italian amusement ride manufacturer Zamperla and also includes the Scream Zone area, the Coney Island Cyclone and Thunderbolt which are all located on separate plots to the "main" Luna Park. Every roller coaster at Luna Park was manufactured by Zamperla except for the Coney Island Cyclone.

Located between the Luna Park and Scream Zone sections is Deno's Wonder Wheel Amusement Park, which is operated separately and thus is not part of Luna Park.


Luna Park opened on the former Astroland site on Memorial Day weekend of 2010. Its name is an homage to the original Luna Park.

Roller coasters


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
Circus Coaster Zamperla Family May 29, 2010 Operating
Coney Island Cyclone Harry C. Baker Wooden June 26, 1927 Operating
Mini Mouse Zamperla Family April 9, 2021 Operating
Soarin' Eagle Zamperla Flying April 2011 Operating
Steeplechase Zamperla Motorbike April 2011 Operating
Thunderbolt Zamperla Steel June 14, 2014 Operating
Tickler Zamperla Spinning May 29, 2010 Operating
Tony's Express Zamperla Family September 2022 Operating


Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Thunderbolt John A. Miller Wooden 1925 1982 Scrapped in 2000



This list is incomplete, please expand it if you can.
Name Manufacturer Type Opened Status
AeroMax Zamperla Barnstormer April 9, 2021 Operating
Astro Tower Zamperla Drop Tower 2018 Operating
Atlantic Aviator Zamperla Air Race 2019 Operating
B&B Carousell William F. Mangels Carousel 2013 Operating
Brooklyn Barge Zamperla Rockin' Tug 2015 Operating
Brooklyn Flyer Zamperla Star Flyer 2010 Operating
Circus Candy Zamperla Junior Waveswinger April 9, 2021 Operating
ClockworkZ Zamperla NebulaZ June 2, 2019 Operating
Coney Clipper Zamperla Pirate Ship June 2018 Operating
Coney Island Hang Glider Zamperla Kite Flyer 2010 Operating
Coney Tower Zamperla Drop Tower 2010 Operating
Convoy Zamperla Convoy 2016 or earlier Operating
Electro Spin Zamperla Disk'O 2010 Operating
Endeavor Zamperla Enterprise 2016 Operating
Fire Patrol Zamperla Fire Patrol April 9, 2021 Operating
Grand Prix Zamperla Junior Whip April 9, 2021 Operating
Leti's Treasure Zamperla Log Flume 2022 Operating
Luna 360 Zamperla Frisbee 2010 Operating
Lynn's Trapeze Zamperla Waveswinger 2010 Operating
Magic Bikes Zamperla Magic Bikes 2013 Operating
Power Surge Zamperla Power Surge 2010 Operating
Rainbowheel Zamperla Junior Ferris Wheel April 9, 2021 Operating
Seaside Swing Zamperla Happy Swing 2018 or earlier Operating
Sling Shot Funtime Slingshot 2011 Operating
Speed Boat Zamperla Jump Around 2010 Operating
Tea Party Zamperla Teacups 2010 Operating
WindstarZ[1] Zamperla WindstarZ 2015 Operating
Zenobio[2] Zamperla[3] Booster 2011 Operating


This list is incomplete, please expand it if you can.
Name Manufacturer Type Opened Closed Fate
Air Race Zamperla Air Race 2010 2018 Converted into Atlantic Aviator
Happy Swing Zamperla Happy Swing 2010 2017 Converted into Seaside Swing
Surf's Up Zamperla Disk'O 2010 Unknown Unknown
Watermania Zamperla Twist 'n' Splash 2010 2017 Unknown
Wild River Reverchon Log Flume July 2010 September 2019 Unknown


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