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Wooden roller coaster

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The track is made out of wood. Supports are made of either wood or steel.

First Installation


Oldest in Operation

Leap-The-Dips (1902)

Newest Installation

Jungle Trailblazer (2016)


Custom Coasters International - Dinn Corporation - Great Coasters International - Intamin - Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters - S&S Worldwide - Vekoma - Rocky Mountain Construction - Gravity Group

A wooden roller coaster is one that has a track built largely out of wood. The rails are typically built with laminated steel and are located on top of the wooden track.

Notable wooden roller coasters[edit]

  • The Beast - Opened as the longest roller coaster in the world. The ride is now the third longest over all, but is still the longest wooden coaster.
  • Son of Beast - The tallest wooden roller coaster ever built, at 218 feet (66.4 meters). It was also the first modern wooden roller coaster with inversions. It was demolished in 2012.
  • Leap The Dips - Currently the oldest operating roller coaster in the world. The ride opened in 1902.
  • El Toro - Winner of the 2013 Mitch Hawker's Poll.
  • The Voyage - Voted as the best wooden from 2007-2011. The top speed is 67.4 mph and it provides one of the longest amounts of airtime on a wooden roller coaster at 24.2 seconds.
  • Outlaw Run - The first wooden roller coaster with multiple inversions.
  • Lightning Rod - The first launched wooden roller coaster and the world's fastest wooden roller coaster at 73 mph.