Möbius loop roller coaster

A Möbius loop coaster is a racing coaster that is built as a single connecting track, as opposed to two separate tracks. As a result, if the train leaves the left side of the station, it will arrive at the right side of the station at the end of the ride.

It should be noted that the track does not follow a "true" möbius loop, ie it still has a top and underside.

Quasi Möbius

A Quasi Möbius coaster is a racing coaster in which both sides are ridden in one ride. There is only one track and there is only one loading area. After riding one side, the train switches to the other side.

There are only two in operation: Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain, and West Coast Racers at the same park.


Class Name Park Country Opened Status
Alpine Alavi Park Sled Alavi Amusement Park
November 26, 2015 Operating
Roller Double Coaster Hot Go Dreamland
Never opened Standing but not operating
Roller Grand National Pleasure Beach Resort
1935 Operating
Roller Master Thai Mirabilandia
August 5, 2011 Operating
Roller Montaña Rusa Aztlán Parque Urbano
1964 September 28, 2019
Roller Nitro Dennlys Parc
July 25, 2010 Operating
Roller Racer Kennywood
1927 Operating
Roller Racer Dips Forest Park Highlands Amusement Park
1920s Closed 1940 or earlier
Roller Racing Coaster Euclid Beach Park
1913 Closed September 28, 1969
Roller Racing Whippet West View Park
1927 Closed 1977
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