West Coast Racers

Roller coaster in the United States
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West Coast Racers
The entrance sign for West Coast Racers
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Location Valencia, California, USA
Status Operating since January 9, 2020
Rider height 54 inch minimum
Manufacturer Premier Rides
Type Steel - Launched - Quasi Möbius
Riders per train 12
Propulsion Four LSM launches
Height 67 feet
Top speed 55 mph
Length 4000 feet
Inversions 4
Duration 3:00
G-Force 3.9

West Coast Racers is a steel launched Quasi Möbius roller coaster located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, USA. The ride was manufactured by Premier Rides and opened to the public on January 9, 2020.


On August 30, 2018, Six Flags Magic Mountain announced West Coast Racers.[1]

Construction began months behind schedule in May 2019 following a delayed delivery of finished track. The first pieces arrived reportedly later than expected in February 2019.

Following several delays with construction, the park announced on December 11, 2019 that West Coast Racers would open to passholders later that month on December 21. It officially opened to the public less than a month later on January 9, 2020.[2]



West Coast Racers is a Quasi Möbius launched roller coaster from Premier Rides. The ride has a yellow side and a white side; riders experience both sides during the ride. In between sides, there is a unique "pit stop" experience designed by West Coast Customs. There are 14 track crossings and 30 total interaction points during the ride.[3]


3 trains with 2 cars per train. In each car, riders are arranged 2 across in 3 rows, for a total of 12 riders per train. The trains are car-themed and were designed by West Coast Customs. They are colored red and blue.


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