Grand Carousel (Six Flags Magic Mountain)

Grand Carousel
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Location Valencia, California, USA
Coordinates 34°25′21″N 118°35′46″W / 34.422415745129°N 118.5960807185287°W / 34.422415745129; -118.5960807185287
Park section Six Flags Plaza
Status Operating since May 29, 1971
Rider height 42 inch unaccompanied
Savin Rock
Location West Haven, Connecticut, USA
Operated 1921 to September 21, 1966
Capital Park
Location Hartford, Connecticut, USA
Location Milford, Connecticut, USA
Location West Haven, Connecticut, USA
Operated 1912 to unknown
Manufacturer Philadelphia Toboggan Company
Product Carousel
Manufactured 1912
Serial number PTC #21

Grand Carousel is a Carousel built by US manufacturer Philadelphia Toboggan Company currently located at Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California, USA.


Carousel PTC #21, (Grand Carousel) originally opened in 1912 at Savin Rock, where it operated until the 1960s.

In 1936, the carousel was struck by major flood damage, but was restored and continued operation in 1939, until its closure in 1967, where it was shipped to Six Flags Magic Mountain.[1]

In 1971, the carousel resumed operation in its new home. The park has done extensive refurbishment work on the ride, including replacing most of its original wood horses with fiberglass replicas.

Grand Carousel at Magic Mountain


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