Inverted roller coaster

Description The train is positioned underneath the track.
First Installation Batman: The Ride (1992)
Oldest in Operation Batman: The Ride (1992)
Newest Installation DrageKongen (2017)
Manufacturers Beijing Shibaolai - Bolliger & Mabillard - Fabbri Group - Giovanola - Golden Horse - Hoei Sangyo Co., Ltd. - Intamin - Pinfari - S&S Worldwide - Vekoma - Zamperla

An inverted roller coaster is a roller coaster with trains that run underneath the track. Unlike the older suspended roller coaster, the seats are attached directly to the wheel carriage and thus the vehicles do not swing outwards on corners. Inverted roller coasters provide essentially the "reverse" experience to a normal roller coaster, where riders legs are exposed as opposed to their arms, allowing designers to create footchoppers.


The first inverted roller was Batman The Ride which opened in 1992 at Six Flags Great America. It was built by Bolliger & Mabillard. In 1994, Vekoma introduced the Suspended Looping Coaster. Many other companies have also introduced their own inverted roller coasters.

Pinfari was the first company to introduce a smaller family inverted roller coaster with their Queen Bee AR28 model. The first known installation began operation in 1999. Previously, only large-scale inverted roller coasters were built. Two years later in 2001, the first family inverted roller coasters from Vekoma opened at Kings Island and Canada's Wonderland.

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