Motorbike roller coaster

Description Special trains are used to create a more open feeling, with no sides and special restraints.
First Booster Bike (27 July 2004)
Oldest Booster Bike (2004)
Newest Tron Lightcycle Run (4 April 2023)
Manufacturers Vekoma, Intamin, Zamperla, Jinma Rides, Maurer Rides GmbH, Zierer

A motorbike roller coaster has trains with riders sitting in a similar position that of a motorcyclist. The rider sits upright or leaning forwards with their legs at either side of the seat.


The first roller coasters to have a riding position similar to that of a motorcyclist were Steeplechase roller coasters. Steeplechase roller coasters were slower-paced and used a traditional lift hill, but had a similar seating position to the modern motorbike roller coaster. Possibly the most famous example is the Steeplechase which existed in Coney Island, New York in the first half of the 20th century. The only remaining steeplechase roller coaster is Steeplechase at the Pleasure Beach Resort in the United Kingdom.


Vekoma was the first manufacturer to produce a Moterbike coaster, with their Moterbike Coaster model line. The first installation was the Booster Bike at Toverland in the Netherlands, opened in 2004. A second, Velocity opened in 2005 at Flamingo Land in the United Kingdom.

The Vekoma model line has a single 9 car train, wich is hydraulically launched into a twisting layout. Riders sit upon a motorbike, with special restraints, allowing free upper-body movement.

Vekoma demonstrated this concept using NoLimits, and is included as a track style in the commercial version of the software. A famous example would be Tron Lightcycles Power Run


Intamin was the second manufacturer to come up with a motorbike roller coaster design. Their design utilizes drive tires to launch its trains. A famous example would be Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.


Zamperla was the third manufacturer to come up with a motorbike roller coaster design. Their product, called the "MotoCoaster" uses a flywheel to launch the train.

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