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Steeplechase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

Steeplechase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)

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roller coaster
Steeplechase (Blackpool Pleasure Beach).jpg
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Location Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK
Status Operating since 1977
Manufacturer Arrow Dynamics
Type Steel - Triple - Steeplechase
Model / product Steeplechase
Riders per train 2
Propulsion 2 Chain lift hills per track

Steeplechase is a three-tracked roller coaster located at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire, England, UK. It was opened in 1977 and was built by Arrow Dynamics. It is the only operating steeplechase style roller coaster left in the world.

History[edit | edit source]

The plaque near the ride.

Steeplechase was officially opened on September 2, 1977 by Red Rum, the winning horse of the 1977 Grand National. His shoe-print is on display near the ride.[notes 1]

Design[edit | edit source]

Trains[edit | edit source]

A ride vehicle on Steeplechase, 1982

Each car is horse-shaped and can sit two people inline.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. It is unsure whether September 2 is the first date in which Steeplecahse operated to the public or if it were open prior to this date.