Water roller coaster

Water Roller Coaster
Description A roller coaster containing notable sections of submersion into water
First Installation Kersplash (1995)
Oldest in Operation Journey To Atlantis (1998)
Newest Installation Ultra Surf (2024)
Manufacturers Mack Rides - Intamin - E&F Miler Industries - Premier Rides

A water roller coaster, also known as a liquid coaster, is a type of roller coaster that contains sections in which the cars are partially submerged into water, splashing the riders in the process. Water roller coasters are sometimes confused with their non-roller coaster counterparts, log flumes, which do not contain dry roller coaster segments. Many cars are shaped like boats.


E&F Miler Industries are believed to have built the first water roller coaster with the introduction of Kersplash in 1995.

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