Hybrid roller coaster

New Texas Giant, a hybrid roller coaster with steel track and wooden supports

A hybrid roller coaster is a type of roller coaster that has a mixture of wood and steel building materials used for the track and supports.

Wooden track and steel supports

Steel supports have been used with wooden track since the early 20th century. Modern wooden hybrid roller coasters use galvanised supports, whereas older steel supports were painted. Steel supports are more resistant to the weather, and require much less bolt tightening than wooden supports. A steel supported roller coaster can also be narrower than an entirely wooden roller coaster. Steel is also used for inversions on wooden roller coasters, either for the entire support structure or in addition to the wooden structure.[1]

Steel track and wooden supports

Many B. A. Schiff & Associates produced in the late 1950s had steel track with wooden supports. Some Arrow Dynamics' Mine Train roller coasters also have wooden supports. More recently, Rocky Mountain Construction have converted many former wooden-tracked roller coasters to steel, adding their IBox track to the existing wooden structure.


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