Hyper roller coaster

Hyper roller coaster
Description A roller coaster that is 200 to 299 feet tall.
First Magnum XL-200 - 1989
Newest Candymonium - 2020
Manufacturers Arrow Dynamics - Bolliger & Mabillard - Giovanola - Morgan - Intamin - Togo - Mack Rides - Gerstlauer - S&S-Sansei Technologies - Rocky Mountain Construction

A hyper roller coaster, or hyper coaster, is a full-circuit roller coaster that is built for height, speed and airtime. These coasters are between 200 feet and 299 feet tall, and typically feature an out and back layout. The term "hyper coaster" is a term invented by Cedar Fair in 1989, in order to advertise Magnum XL-200.[1] "Hyper coaster" is not an official definition by law, as most of the world uses the metric system. The same applies for giga coasters and strata coasters.

To date, all hyper roller coasters have had steel track except for the now-defunct Son of Beast at Kings Island, which also featured a vertical loop.


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