Multi-tracked roller coaster

A multi-tracked or racing roller coaster has more than one track placed side-to-side, allowing multiple trains to race each other.


Sometimes, multi-tracked roller coasters are set up to race each other. Some racing coasters are set up for one train to win. While for other coasters, its a matter of weight, how well brakes work, etc.


A Möbius loop roller coaster is a twin roller coaster that is built as a single connecting track, as opposed to two separate tracks. As a result, if the train leaves the left side of the station, it will arrive at the right side of the station.

There are only three möbius roller coasters operating today:

At first glance Twisted Colossus at Six Flags Magic Mountain appears to be a möbius roller coaster. However, it only has one station so each train always completes two laps, one on either side of the coaster.

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